Visa Hiring: Students Required To Be Groomed For Crypto Future

2022-03-14 23:14:11
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Visa becomes one of the businesses and companies that are currently in the midst of developing crypto projects. However, Visa, the payment giant, wants to take things to a whole new level by hiring college students and grooming them to become the company’s in-house crypto talent.

Moreover, Visa invites all undergraduate students who are interested in and have knowledge of crypto, to simply apply and join the company’s crypto development project.

After the hiring, the students that will become part of the Visa crypto program will then be rotated between several teams, each representing a branch of the crypto industry. The teams include Digital Partnerships, Crypto Product and Crypto Solutions.

Finally, the goal of Visa is to groom the students who apply to become professionals and experts in all branches of crypto like NFTs (non-fungible tokens), DeFi (decentralized finance), CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) and stablecoins.

According to the official job description of the company, the students will have to pass the Visa Crypto Development Program that lasts 18 months. During that time, each of the three designated groups will have to learn a different set of skills and will have completely different assignments.

However, being that Visa wants to develop a top-tier crypto department, the students will have quite an exciting opportunity to ‘define Visa’s crypto strategy and identify new product opportunities’ for the company. Especially considering the resources and, more importantly, the authority of this payment provider.

Visa & Crypto

Visa is definitely no stranger to crypto. As a matter of fact, the company reported a whopping $2.5b from crypto transactions solely for Q1. In addition, in 2021, Visa already launched the Crypto Advisory Services that are created to assist financial institutions and companies with crypto-related difficulties.

Interestingly enough, in August 2021, Visa even purchased its first NFT in the form of a female CryptoPunk character. In order to obtain the CryptoPunk token (serial number: 7610 – 1 of 3840 pieces), the company paid a nice sum of $150.000, thus formally entering the digital market scene as well.

All of this activity clearly shows that Visa has definitely set its mind on developing a team consisting of ‘domestic’ crypto talent that will take the company to the future of digital payments. And it looks like Al Kelly, the CEO of Visa, fully supports this claim.


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