USA Government Discloses Offering Informants Crypto Rewards

2021-08-18 20:10:45

During the latest Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas, the USA Government disclosed offering informants crypto rewards in exchange for information, in what is one of the biggest hacker events in the world. Additionally, Black Hat participants were able to view the ad via Wi-Fi. More specifically, through an open network with the name #Rewardsnotransoms.

The advertisement for the new government program clearly states offering crypto rewards to anyone willing to assist in the apprehension of malicious hackers.

Moreover, the US State Department advertised the latest Rewards for Justice (RFJ) via several means. For example, one way to advertise the program was by using flyers and t-shirts. Moreover, they were using a QR code to achieve this. Consequently, it is CNN that first revealed this news, after receiving similar info from several Black Hat participants.

The US State Department intends to use lucrative rewards to motivate informants. Specifically, in the range between 3-10m. What the US government hopes is that due to the crypto nature of the rewards, many cyber-informants will be eager to assist.

For example, there is currently a reward for a high-ranking Al Qaeda leader that counts 25m in cryptocurrencies.

We’ve been working on this quite a while and it coincided at a very good time that we managed to get this rolled out. As critical infrastructure and ransomware was at the top of the news cycle, so to speak, and a major concern for the US government.Diplomatic Service Security Official | RFJ

One of the main reasons for the USA Government to disclose offers to informants in crypto-rewards is the emerging of ‘Antinalysis’. In order to remove the blockchain analytic, the US State Department offers hackers money in order to destabilize the Monero network offers.

And what is even more interesting, is the fact that the government admits enticing informants with pretty much every means necessary. Regardless if it is a suitcase full of cash, or a wire transfer. Everything is on the table in order to get the job done:

We provide wire transfers, we actually can still deliver — and do deliver – suitcases full of cash, we can provide in-kind rewardsDiplomatic Security Official | RFJ

Whatever your opinion on the matter, one thing is certain. This strategy by the US Government certainly pays off. One such example is the arrest of Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, one of the terrorists involved in the 1993 WTC bombings.



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