Uniswap Labs Reveal Plans To Limit Certain Tokens

Uniswap Labs, a software development company, intends to restrict certain tokens. In addition to any tokenized stock and derivate that they encounter in their platform. Moreover, to secure its own protocol interface, the company cited ‘evolving regulatory landscape’, when addressing these decisions. However, considering that this is a hot topic in the crypto-world, this news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. 

It is fair to say that Uniswap Labs makes this decision to restrict certain tokens, after the announcement of US regulators in which they warn about more frequent inspections for these specific products. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of the crypto-world is recently getting extra attention from regulators. Some of whom are high-ranking US officials. This was confirmed by the chairman of SEC(Securities and Exchange Commission), in a public speech in front of the American Bar Association. It is here that he addressed this issue, and announced that both DeFi and CeFi platforms are expected to register with the regulator.

Consequently, following the example of other DeFi companies and platforms, and the US regulators’ actions, Uniswap Labs is making a similar approach. For that matter, the official statement of the company says:

…”Consistent with actions taken by other DeFi interfaces, we have decided to restrict access to certain tokens through app.uniswap.org”…

Unlike other similar platforms, Uniswap Labs are far more flexible when it comes to these restrictions. For instance, the centralized exchange Binance restricts access through every interface platform. That is regardless of which you are using. Unlike Uniswap, which is only doing so for its own interface. As a result, users still have the option to access the tokens by using any other interface available on the specific DeFi platform. Which is definitely better than nothing.

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