Unique Blockchain Powered Installation To Appear In Vancouver

As part of the Vancouver Bieannale, a bi-annual art exhibition, the Kusama Network will get a completely new digital look. More specifically, the Vancouver Biennale is in preparation to unveil a revolutionary piece of art, powered by both 3-D and virtual realities from the blockchain. We are talking about the first-ever blockchain installation, and it is in Vancouver. The object spans on a surface of 1.800 square meters.

The creator of the installation is Jessica Angel. She is credited for producing a perfect symbiosis of both the digital and physical realities. What makes this art piece unique is that it exists in two realities, simultaneously.

In particular, it bears the shape of a 2-d vinyl mural, which is both in this reality, and the digital one. This means that it can also be viewed via a mobile app since it exists on a blockchain as well. Symbolizing the convenience of technologies, you can view this new installation on the Voxel Bridge with both iOS and Android.

Operating as a ‘canary’ chain network for Polkadot, this art installation stands as a true testament to the Kusama network. This means that thanks to the unique nature of blockchain technology, users can directly interact with Kusama Network and its history. This is possible thanks to a unique set of NFTs, which consequently will be selling on the Kusama art market. All of the proceeds will go directly towards paying the due $300.000. That is the amount that the company loaned in order to achieve this success.

Whatever the case, it seems like this unique art project is just a glimpse of the future. Especially if you consider that this is the first-ever of its kind. As a result, it is quite natural that Mrs. Angel is quite happy with her creation:

Art is a mobilizing force with the power to bridge seemingly dissimilar worlds, and Voxel Bridge exhibits this capacity. This installation transcends the enjoyment of art into a unifying and experimenting effort that enables blockchain technology, AR, and public art to examine new ways of interaction.Jessica Angel | Artist

We can only hope that this blockchain installation in Vancouver will inspire a plethora of new artists. And consequently, with, start an entirely new direction in the world of art.

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