Twitter Finally Decided To Add Ethereum To Its Tipping Feature

2022-02-17 01:00:23
Ethereum Available For Tips

After introducing the Bitcoin tipping feature back in September of 2021 on the lighting network, Twitter now adds Ethereum as the second option for tipping between users. At the moment, the option is available solely for smartphones, but Twitter plans to extend the option to personal computers as well.

Moreover, all users that will accept the newly updated policy for tips, can now ‘copy someone’s Bitcoin or Ethereum address and past their address into whatever wallet they use’.

Interestingly, weeks prior to the official introduction of the Bitcoin tipping program in September 2021, several hackers noticed that Twitter enabled compatibility with Eteherum wallets as well. Some of the more known members of the hacking community that caught this detail are Jane Wong and Alessandro Paluzzi.

Jack Dorsey And Twitter’s Crypto Future

The biggest reason as to why Twitter adds Ethereum to its tipping policy long after Bitcoin is mainly thanks to Jack Dorsey, the former CEO and founder of the company. Being that Dorsey is known for his notorious anti-crypto stance, especially when it comes to Ehtereum, whom he called a product of ‘corporate-controlled lies’.

On the other hand, the former CEO of Twitter is quite fond of Bitcoin, and has dedicated most of his free time to developing a Bitcoin oriented infrastructure, using the decentralized platform Block.

However, it seems like Twitter has made up its mind to pursue different ventures in the crypto world, regardless of whether Dorsey is on board. And the incorporation of the Bitcoin tipping feature, and later adding Ethereum to the mix, seems like just the beginning.

Consequently, this is very similar to what the lead product manager of creator monetization at Twitter, Johnny Winston, has to say on the future plans of the giant social platform.

As a result, in November 2021, Twitter announced that it has assembled a team of crypto experts with the task to develop dapps. In addition to this venture, in January of 2022, Twitter also announced that it will launch a unique set of profile pictures, with the help of NFT technology.



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