Time Magazine Declares Elon Musk Person Of The Year For 2021; Compares Crypto And Fiat

2021-12-13 19:33:35

According to Time Magazine, Elon Musk is the Person of the Year for 2021. Interestingly, when giving the award-winning interview for Time, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX revealed that he believes crypto will never replace traditional fiat currency.

Moreover, he says that he sees crypto as very appealing and interesting and that he has no problems talking for hours on the subject.

However, he still expressed his doubts on whether digital coins will replace traditional fiat currencies permanently.

When asked about his massive influence on the crypto industry, he states that there are other factors that influence the market even more.

And that his statements and posts are in no way responsible for any sudden changes in the crypto world.

Markets move themselves all the time … based on nothing, as far as I can tell. So the statements that I make, are they materially different from random movements of the stock that might happen anyway? I don’t think so.Elon Musk

Regardless of this statement, Time Magazine still views that Elon Musk as a person of the year for 2021. Or as they call it, ‘the year of Elon Unbound’.

And the reason for this is the rather impressive list of achievements, including some memorable statements as well.

All in all, Time Magazine doesn’t just hand out the ‘Person of the Year Award’ by chance. It is clear as day that Elon Musk is one of the biggest influencers among entrepreneurs.

Especially when it comes to crypto, and ‘dog-inspired’ coins such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. In fact, every time he posts a picture of his Shiba Inu puppy, the price of all dog tokens is affected.

This, in addition to publicly supporting crypto and offering it as a payment method to buy a Tesla car, is why many view Elon as the individual that can single-handedly influence the crypto scene.


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