The Most Common Crypto Tips And Mistakes When Trading, Investing

Crypto Tips And Mistakes Introduction

Crypto tips and mistakes can drive you from zero to hero and vice versa. Trading with Bitcoin and Altcoins can be like a raging volcano. More often than not accompanied by significant consequential events, it is a non-stop, rapidly changing process.

You might disappear completely if you don’t follow and respectively avoid certain crypto tips and mistakes. Trading skills and market understanding can be best improved when we learn from others’ mistakes. Cryptogoldie has written this article on crypto tips and mistakes based on major experience and research. After having thousands of crypto trade positions over the past years the following article we can say has reached its completion. Moreover, the crypto tips and mistakes we gathered were made sometimes intentionally to test the outcomes and sometimes unknowingly. Let’s see several crypto tips and mistakes and learn how you can equip yourself with the knowledge or prevent yourself from errors. Our crypto tips and mistakes article will help you understand and learn what is the best advice when trading with crypto.

Top 6 Crypto Trading Tips

1. Develop A Crypto Trading Strategy

What is hard is to make a distinction and know how to separate genuine crypto tips and mistakes or recommendations from the swindles which certainly is not easy. A lot of hyenas are lurking out there staying to take your money.

A good comparison can give us the data coming from UK fraud- alert service Action Fraud wherein 2020,  reports of crypto investment swindles surged by 57 times on time, with investors losing an aggregate of $150m and the numbers for 2021 are drastically different. For instance, the number of reports has increased unimaginably high to 272 080 and 8.6 % of these are with financial losses which approximately amount to $280.5m.

So the best advice here is to take a step back when you’re flooded with a lot of information about a cryptocurrency and discover more as you can about it.

Try to accept a critical approach and look at the design with reserve. What problem does it solve? Does it contain any assiduity links? Keep in mind to be aware to identify and avoid coins that promise the Earth but haven’t delivered anything obvious.

2. Identify and manage risk

Another thing that might get you into headaches is that some people share crypto tips and mistakes when trading that might not have your stylish interests at heart. Remember not to get soaked making the same miscalculations as others.

Set hierarchical priorities by evaluating the different cryptos and deciding how much you can invest in a particular digital currency. After you have established this a real issue and torment is to not be tempted to trade with further money than you can go to lose.

As a high-threat business, cryptocurrency trading has no certain results because of the volatility of the crypto and the risks involved.

And if you want to discover more on the volatility you can read our wiki publishing Volatility, Factors, And Profiting Explained And Demystify.

3. Spread your finances when investing

Investing in one single cryptocurrency is like putting your possession in one lifeboat and sailing the ocean during extreme storms. That is why it doesn’t pay to invest your total investment budget only in one crypto is like investing it in one risky opportunity and not in many.

The best approach here is the one that is applied with shares and stocks. It is best to spread your money out among different digital currencies.

This means if one of the cryptos dips in value you are not threatened to be over-exposed– especially as the request prices of these investments are largely unpredictable.

From thousands of cryptos, you only need to do a thorough exploration and make the right decision.

4. Long term hold is the most profitable

When it comes to cryptos tips and mistakes the best thing to consider is that prices can rise and fall relatively dramatically day to day. That is why many people and neophyte dealers are frequently duped into fear selling when prices are low.

In the long term, cryptocurrencies are not going to decrease in value and prices. They are expected to exponentially increase in time. That is why holding your cryptocurrency investments for the long term, over time it could offer you the most highly beneficial prices.

5. Automate purchases

As is the case with regular stocks and shares, automation of purchases can help to automate your crypto purchases. With this, you will be able to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging.

The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase and Gemini, allow you to set up recreating deals.

With this automated purchase, crypto investors can require the platform to buy a fixed amount of their preferred cryptocurrency every month – for example, $100 worth of bitcoin. This functions beneficially for the investors because they get a bit lower of the currency when prices are high, and a little higher when prices are low.

The stress of what do you think is the smallest possible price or dealing at the loftiest price goes away. This commodity requires the professional struggle to get right.

6. Incorporate trading bots

In certain circumstances, trading bots can be useful, but they don’t come recommended for newcomers looking for crypto investment tips. Frequently, they’re just swindles in disguise.

Still, everyone would be using them! In case a genuine algorithm was that coordinated your take and distribute exchanges flawlessly.

Top 5 Crypto Trading Mistakes

1. Buy because of a low price

Seeking low-price crypto, as one of the conditions that make you think it’s a bargain is one of the most common mistakes when trading with cryptos. Low prices become low occasionally and for a reason. There are cryptocurrencies with falling stoner rates.

The cryptocurrency can become frequently insecure. This happens mostly when inventors leave a design and it stops getting duly streamlined.

2. Types of Scams

Cloud multiplier scams

Approaching with dispatch or textbook with an “ investment occasion” is how Fraudsters occasionally communicate possible victims. They promise investors, if they shoot their cryptocurrency to a particular digital portmanteau, to give them double or triadic the amount they’ve put into Bitcoin.


Veritably small or unknown cryptocurrencies can face fluent inflation or deflation of the price. This is caused by culprits creating fake buy or vend orders and occasionally transferring the value of the currencies soaring by hundreds of percent at a time.

The culprits cancel the orders, which they were in no way going to fulfill in the first place, when unwitting dealers rush in to try and snare a piece of the action, and in some circumstances that can beget the price to crash.

Occasionally, through pre-mining importance, culprits will enjoy a lot of a particular cryptocurrency, before it’s available to the general public.

By promoting it on social media, they can pump up the price, also dealing it on crypto exchanges at an advanced price. Also, they can disappear overnight.

Malicious wallet software

When it comes to crypto holdalls the stylish crypto tips will tell you to stick with big names like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, Trezor, Exodus, etc.

Certain unknown holdalls on Google Play Store or the App Store like Dodgy can steal your crypto finances using dodgy law.

Fake coins

It can be pretty delicate to tell what’s real and what’s not with so numerous cryptocurrencies on the request.

Culprits can steal your identity and frequently your hard-earned money when you invest in fake coins. Phishing is the method they use to achieve this, prevailing you to click on links in emails that install spyware on your computer.

The best prevention is to do your exploration and don’t take anyone additional’s word and use as numerous sources as possible.

3. Going ‘all-in’

What is good bait is that you should maximize your money by laying as much as possible. This is the mantra of the more questionable trading platforms and what they suggest. And this is a fast way to the poor house.

Hard opposition to these crypto investment tips would be to only use a certain proportion of your investing capital. For example, one-fifth would be fine and always keep an exigency cash fund that noway gets invested in the request.

4. Seeing crypto as easy money

No matter if it is financial assets, whether stocks and shares, goods like tableware and gold, or cryptocurrency there’s nothing easy about making money through trading.

Presumably, to trick you into making crypto miscalculations you will be offered impossibilities.

5. Forgetting your crypto keyphrase

If you forget your keyphrase is like you have lost the keys to a bank vault. And this is in case you have a tackle portmanteau for storing your crypto offline.

All your cryptos will be irretrievable without your keyphrase.

Other Crypto Trading Considerations And Pieces Of Advice
Crypto Tips And Mistakes 3

The order book – Place commands properly

What is the proper way to use the order book? The last executed transaction determines the coin’s value, at the junction between buyers and sellers, or according to the supply and demand forces. Arranged in a table those supply and demand commands are better known as the order book. In crypto, it’s all about volatility.

Thus, when you enter a position, it is recommended that you set the sell level to take profits. Additionally, and this shall be done simultaneously, set a stop loss to minimize losses. But the real issue here is where to place these commands, how will we know exactly? Primary, we start by analyzing the graph at the most basic level to identify both resistance and support areas.

The important thing here is to identify points where we want to take profit (resistance levels) and simultaneously identify support levels. The order book will help us find the optimal levels at which we will place these commands. What is important here to note is that if support levels break down it is time to cut the losses.

How to Identify sell levels to make a profit:

  • Using the order book you can identify the areas of resistance. If it is being resistant, likely, massive supply (a “wall” of sell commands) is present around these spots. The important thing here is to place our sell commands precisely one step ahead i.e. to a lower price value. This is necessary in case if the demands start to eat away the supply wall the command we have established has already been placed and sold to profit.
  • Identifying stop loss levels to minimize losses:  We can identify the points of support within the order book. A massive demand being supportive it is likely that as a “wall” of buyers is present around those spots. This would be the best zone to place the stop loss command, although it should be placed a little lower than the high demand zone. If the sellers manage to lower the price and the “wall” of buyers breaks are the only conditions that need to be fulfilled and initiate our command. Our command uses the “wall” of buyers as a sort of protection level.

As of the time of writing, the majority of trading exchanges except for BitMEX do not support the placement of the two commands simultaneously. Look for other options if it is possible to place a ‘take profit’ and a ‘stop loss’ command simultaneously.

Lowering the chance of substantial loss would be ideal if we could have set both stop loss for trade and levels of profit-taking. Until this becomes possible, we will settle for what we have.

Graph analysis

Against the USD, major Altcoins have the most volume traded. That is why graph comparison and analysis of those Altcoins shall be done to compare them to Bitcoin’s graph and their dollar value graph. What is worth noticing here is that if we analyze only the Bitcoin value chart, we would surely miss the accumulation period of Ethereum by roughly $300 (recall $300 of Bitcoin accumulation back in 2015?).

Emotions will get targeted

To never involve your emotions in trading is the unbreakable rule for successful and profitable trading. Especially the short term traders shall accept this rule as a command though it is a basic rule for anyone who trades over any term. Let’s imagine an investment in Ethereum according to the DCA strategy: And after the investment let’s imagine the Ethereum price had crashed by 40% in three days. So a cold sweat had been overwhelming us and we don’t know what to do next? According to DCA, it is the time to buy a second portion of the coin and average the initial trading entry price. This rarely happens, most people in this scenario will get “cold feet” exactly at the “terrifying” moment of decrease and will not complete the purchase of the second share. Why does it happen to us? One word – emotion. Emotions can block us easily, and in this case, the fear of loss affects us and completely disturbs our plan of action. You should strongly and thoroughly consider your future as a trader, a crypto trader in particular if you are one of those (yes, the majority) who won’t buy the second share in the example above. After an unsuccessful trade or after you have sold a coin that is skyrocketing just after you sold it, getting over your emotions is crucial so you can make reasonable decisions for what is next. To recap, don’t feel guilty about lost trades, and don’t regret the profit you’ve missed. Together with a set of goals set yourselves a plan of action, and act accordingly as if you were a pre-programmed computer. Human beings are not rational creatures.

Other advice for this plan: You need to close out half your position after you have placed target sell commands, and given the coin has reached its first goal. In order not to lose at all you can increase the stop loss to the initial entry level. You should close out an additional quarter of the position at the second target level. At this stage, it is most probable that you will stay in the position with a quarter of it, although with the profits alone, once you got the fund’s money back “home”. The profit game becomes unlimited at this point. In the crypto world coins that pump up 2,000% in two weeks are not a rare sight. You are on the safe side when you are only playing your profits and it becomes a lot easier.

What goes down does not come up always in terms of crypto

Searching for crashed coins, under their value against the Bitcoin, and hoping they will return to their glory prices is an additional common mistake. The breaking news is that some coins are light years away from their peak levels. It is certainly not a good measure to take and assume that a coin being lower than its peak price is an opportunity rather than a falling knife. Especially the low-cap and volume altcoins we have experienced how they have disappeared and slowly got out of continuous trading, a scenario defiantly worth considering.

Time is money

Crypto Tips And Mistakes 4

In terms of events, changes, fluctuations, and occurrences a week in the crypto market is equivalent to three months in the traditional capital stock exchange. Following what is happening not just daily but on an hourly basis is crucial for the ones who want to jump right into the deep water of crypto trading. This game is not for everyone. Nevertheless, the amount of time invested in the process is what you need to consider from the bottom up. In certain situations, it is more beneficial to be a long-term investor, rather than a daily trader. By the way, as a daily trader, you are not bound to buy and sell and trade every single day. With trades, the time required to reach their destination can vary from minutes to months. When studying and tracking the market think about the time you are willing to invest in. What is important to have in mind is that your time has marginal cost, or in other words, your time has a price tag. It is always better to start with small doses and examine the performance before increasing invested amounts especially if you have decided to put your time and effort into trading daily. The possibility of trading on micro-transactions is yet an additional benefit of crypto. In crypto, you can perform transactions of a few cents which is the total opposite of the capital market, where if you put an eye on Apple stock, you would need to buy a minimum share equivalent to a couple of thousand bucks.

Novice’s first mistake: I buy cheap cryptos compared to the Bitcoin’s or Ethereum’s price  

The market cap is the crucial measure to look at when investing, instead of the common beginners’ mistake to look at the coin’s price and determine according to this measure which coins to invest in. Just as you asses a company by its market cap performance, which is calculated by multiplying the number of shares by a single share’s price, the same is done for Altcoins. The coin’s price is multiplied by the number of existing coins in circulation. There is solely a psychological influence on the buyers for low price coins, such as Ripple. It doesn’t make any difference no matter if one Ripple equals one dollar, and there are a billion Ripples out, or if one Ripple equals a thousand dollars and there are a million units of Ripple. Therefore, look mainly at the more substantial figure, which is the market cap, and focus less on the price for one coin, from now on, especially when examining coins for investment and one service is CoinMarketCap.

Novice’s Second mistake: Putting all of their eggs into one basket

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and unpredictable. The section withstands now and will continue getting dozens of billions of dollars erased flat out in the future while reaping profits of hundreds of percent extensively. Altcoins usually go through the reduction of value when Bitcoin loses its value against the US dollar. Simple math shows us that even when holding a part of the portfolio in Altcoins, such as Ethereum and Litecoin it is usually not enough to avoid getting a significant portion of the portfolio’s USD worth wiped out following a Bitcoin dump.

In the last years when Bitcoin held solid, as solid as Bitcoin can be, the game was trading Altcoins to gain more Bitcoin. Experts anticipated that Bitcoin would increase in value in the future (the Pygmalion effect). When we deal with a rather volatile base asset, such as Bitcoin, it raises our need to compare our portfolio performance both in terms of its Bitcoin’s value and its dollar’s value. Bitcoin’s steady growth over the years made a lot of money for the crypto market, causing its total market cap to increase drastically since its start! As traders, take profit from time to time but also do not forget to keep Bitcoin as your base asset. The best approach is to always imagine the bigger picture where crypto is only one tier of your investment options. There are also stock markets, real estate, bonds, and many more investment opportunities. When crypto trading, it is crucial to spread the risks among the crypto portfolio, as well as in the whole household investment portfolio.

Novice’s third mistake: Bitcoin has increased substantially, so I’ll buy Litecoin

There are two ways to examine investment in Altcoins as was mentioned above,– vs Bitcoin and the US dollar. Those who missed the Bitcoin train and are looking to cash in on the other altcoins make this common mistake very often. Instead of buying with the Bitcoins they already have, those investors have to examine the investment dollar-wise since they exchange US dollars or out FIAT to buy crypto.

The first assumption, in terms of Bitcoin, that Altcoins’ value decreases when Bitcoin value increases are correct. However, this is not true always; Money flew out from all of the cryptos when China outlawed the crypto exchanges. Bitcoin declined and Altcoins declined even more.

In terms of the Dollar, it becomes evident that Litecoin’s price has increased along with Bitcoin (but less). “Bitcoin has increased substantially, I’ll buy Litecoin” is the decision of most novices and even experts and this can serve as a reminder about the majority of those quoting the above sentence. The best decision here would be to buy Litecoin with FIAT or by converting to Bitcoin, then to Litecoin right after which is the same. Therefore, using and learning from the graph yet maintaining the same behavior, when Bitcoin’s value drops, Altcoins’ USD value will drop as well. Even though as a percentage it will probably be less, it will still go down.


With our crypto tips and mistakes article, we are willing to give you the best tools when investing and trading with crypto. Even though crypto trading is an interesting pedagogy and business, it requires substantial expert knowledge and a lot amount of patience. Profits and gains are only part and parcel of the arena because the market is highly volatile and losses are the other face of this battle. To make informed decisions that yield a high percentage of gains and profits, investors need to keep themselves aware of the trends and scenarios prevailing in the market and act promptly. Successful traders acknowledge their mistakes.  Even more important is that they analyze and learn from them, thus improving their skills for understanding the market.

Now, after going through this reading of crypto tips and mistakes, you must have obtained the basics and have become well-informed about the things you should do and the things you should avoid while dealing with crypto trading. So, what you need to do next is to make up your mind, follow the protocols, and start investing.

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