The NFT Project Moonbirds Records Around 207 Million From The Initial Sale

2022-04-19 02:27:56
Record-Breaking NFT Sale

The much-anticipated non-fungible token (NFT) collection Moonbirds dropped this Sunday, and in just twenty-four hours after the mint and release on Saturday managed to establish itself as a blue-chip status project, with a record of 207 million dollars from the initial sale.

More specifically, the $207 (69.000) Moonbirds collection counts a total of 10.000 proof PFP (profile pictures), with the current price of 21.3 Ethereum, or about $64.000 per token. Consequently, this puts the Moonbirts NFT projects well above popular collections such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club with 35.000 Ethereum, and Azuki which made 50.000 Ethereum from the initial sale.

As soon as your Moonbird is nested, they’ll begin to accrue additional benefits. As total nested time accumulates, you’ll see your Moonbird achieve new tier levels, upgrading their nest.

One of the most attractive features of the Moonbirds is the nesting, where as soon as your Moonbird nests in your wallet, you start receiving additional benefits.

Additionally, as the Moonbird achieves new levels, it upgrades, and consequently it brings you new level rewards and benefits.


However, there are several complaints about this NFT project and the massive numbers from the initial sale. In particular, concerning the unusually high mint price of around $7.000, or 2.5 Ethereum, up to accusations of rarity snipping (inside knowledge and targeting of rare collectables) and influencing the outcome of the mint raffle.

This controversial owl non-fungible token collection was minted and launched by PROOF Collective, an NFT community that operates privately and that is created by Ryan Carson and Kevin Rose, blockchain entrepreneurs.

Being that this is the first project of PROOF Collective, and due to the massive success, the company already announced their upcoming venture, “Project Highrise”, only this time the goal is to tackle the Metaverse.

Considering that the NFT market is noticing a rather liner drop in the past several weeks, everyone is wondering how exactly did PROOF Collective manage to net the record 207 million dollars from the Moonbirds NFT collection sale. This is why pretty much the entire crypto community is eagerly anticipating to see what will happen with their upcoming ventures.

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