The CEO Reveals That Instagram Is Exploring NFTs

2021-12-21 21:33:44
Instagram ‘Playing’ With Tokens

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, reveals during an Instagram story AMA questions segment that the company is ‘actively exploring NFTs’.

Moreover, the chief executive officer of Instagram sees the creative potential of the technology, especially for creators and artists.

Nothing to announce yet, but we are definitely actively exploring NFTs and how we can make them more accessible to a wider audience… I think it’s an interesting place where we can play, and also a way to hopefully help creators.Adam Mosseri | CEO - Instagram

However, the CEO did not reveal any further information at the time being. Nor even mention any particular details as to whether Instagram will integrate NFTs support service.

Especially since the public already had a ‘leak-peek’ at Instagram’s supposed NFT strategy.

Thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi, a software developer who leaked the screenshots, we can see that Instagram will allow users to bid on NFTs within the application itself.

Social Platforms And NFTs

Moreover, the developer states that the goal of the company is to merge with Novi, Facebook’s blockchain venture.

And considering that Facebook is the parent company of Instagram, this seems like a very logical idea. Yet, these two are not the only social media platforms to ‘experiment’ with crypto, i.e. blockchain.

Back in September, Twitter already integrated a bitcoin tipping feature on their platform. And more importantly, the company also revealed that they were researching non-fungible technology as well.

So, the news about Instagram is ‘actively exploring’ NFTs are definitely nothing new on the horizon. It was just a matter of time, and we can say that it still is.

In fact, it is safe to say that we should expect almost every major interactive and social platform, to integrate at least one branch of blockchain technology. And everything seems to point in that direction.

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