Crypto Mining With Electric Cars Surprisingly Pays Off

2022-01-10 22:44:32
Electric Cars – The Best Mining Rigs?

Siraj Raval and Chris Allessi are two crypto miners from the United States that managed to connect their GPUs (graphics processing units), to their electric Tesla cars and successfully mine crypto.

And according to both crypto enthusiasts, this move certainly pays off.

In the first instance, crypto-miner Siraj Raval, decided to merge the GPUs he uses for mining, with his electric car the 2018 Tesla Model 3.

Moreover, Raval claims that this automatically makes his warranty void, but is definitely worth the risk in the long run.

That is because according to Siraj Raval, he netted around $800 per month during the period when the prices of ethereum literally spiked. Thus, giving us a very good perspective about the average monthly income.

Chris Allessi on the other hand is using his Tesla Model S car to mine crypto ever since 2018.

Specifically, the electricity buff, Youtuber and crypto miner, states that he attached a power inverter and Bitmain Antminer S9, and connected them directly to his Tesla S Model in order to mine crypto.

Furthermore, Chris also states that he is capable of modifying Tesla’s car software to mine monero (XMR), and other crypto-assets as well.

And according to the electic car dealer, he can easily run the entire mining procedure just by using the browser of Tesla’s internal car firmware.

It was no big deal. I could run the mining program within the browser,Chris Allessi | YouTuber & Electric Car Crypto Miner

Similarly to this venture, Chris Raval says he ‘hacked’ and programed the internal firmware of his Tesla Model 3 to also mine crypto assets. However, according to the crypto miner and YouTuber, this method is by far the most profitable of them all.

New Trend On The Way

These two cases are just the beginning of what seems to be a very innovative and unique way to mine cryptocurrencies. In fact, in January of 2021, PC Gamer revealed that one BMW i8 can easily mine ehtereum, thanks to its electric battery system.

That particuar car belongs to Simon Byrne, and according to PC Gamer, Byrne used 6 Nvidia RTX 3080 GPUs in order to successfully mine ETH.

And the funniest part about this creative solution is that Byrnes revealed hacking his BMW i8 with the sole purpose ‘to annoy gamers’.

Another step towards crypto mining cars is the Canadian electric car manufacturer, Daymak. Specifically, in June of 2021, Daymak revealed its intentions to launch the Spiritus, an electic car specifically built for mining crypto assets.

And considering the successful integration of GPUs with Tesla cars by mere individual crypto miners, it seems like mining electric cars are definitely part of the future.

We can only sit back and wait to see what blockchain technology has in store for us in 2022.

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