Coinbase NFT Announced That Beta Version Is Finally Open For Testing

Coinbase NFT released its beta version to a select group of users.
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The Moonbirds NFT Project Rakes Around $207 Million From The Initial Sale Alone

Moonbirds surpass Azuki and the Bored Ape Yacht Club as most successful NFT project from initial sales alone.
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Legendary Boxer Mike Tyson To Partner With Binance NFT To Drop Mystery Box Collectibles

The worlds prepares for the exclusive drop of Mike Tyson NFT collectibles in collaboration with Binance NFT.
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Samsung Will Partner With Nifty Gateway To Produce The First-Ever NFT TV

Samsung and Nifty Gateway will jointly produce the first ever NFT marketplace that is specifically for TV.
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According To Coinbase The NFT Marketplace Is Coming ‘Soon’

Coinbase NFT is sure taking its time, but according to the company we should expect it rather 'soon'.
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Warner Bros. Announces Unique Set Of Hybrid Trading Cards That Will Be Both Physical And Digital

Warner Bros. partners with Cartamundi to release a unique set of DC Comics trading cards, both digital and physical.
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The 104 CryptoPunks NFT Auction That Sotheby’s Planned In The Metaverse Cancelled At The Last Minute

As per the latest news from New York, Sotheby's highly anticipated NFT auction of the popular CryptoPunks was cancelled at the last minute.
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UK’s Tax Evasion Agency Makes The First Official NFT Bust In The Country

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs agency apprehended three individuals in relation to an NFT tax evasion fraud.
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Nike And Hermès Both Filled Lawsuits Against Operators Who Illegally Minted And Marketed NFTs With Their Copyright Materials

Nike and Hermès are definitely not joking with it comes to copyright infringement, and are prepared to battle in multi-million dollar NFT lawsuits.
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The Coachella Music Festival Will Use The Platform Of Solana To Mint And Drop NFTs With FTX US

Coachella enters the NFT stage on a big note, by partnering with FTX US and using the platform of blockchain Solana to produce a bunch of surprises.
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