Budweiser Prepares To Launch “Budverse” As Anheuser-Busch Files For Several Metaverse Patents

Anheuser-Busch filed for Metaverse patents which consequently inspired Budweiser to announce the "Budverse" Metaverse project.
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South Korea Reveals That It Will Spend $187.6 Million On National Metaverse Project

South Korea becomes the first country in the world to support its own national metaverse project both technologically, and financially.
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The 104 CryptoPunks NFT Auction That Sotheby’s Planned In The Metaverse Cancelled At The Last Minute

As per the latest news from New York, Sotheby's highly anticipated NFT auction of the popular CryptoPunks was cancelled at the last minute.
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NASA Does Not Approve Using Its Logo And Imagery As NFTs

Even if NASA wanted to, according to the guidelines of the agencies of the U.S. government, it is forbidden to use its logos and imagery for technological merchandising.
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90’s VHS Giant Blockbuster Announces Crypto, NFTs and Metaverse Comeback

Blockbuster is ready for a comeback of the ages, after revealing plans to develop crypto, NFTs and 'metaversal entertainment'.
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Prada And Adidas Kick-Off NFTs And Metaverse Partnership

Prada and Adidas start a lucrative cooperation that is expected to start a new era in fashion, and is all thanks to NFTs and the metaverse.
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Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard For $68.7 Billion And Openly Reveals Plans For Metaverse

Microsoft makes the biggest purchase in it history, and starts a new era of turning its resources and attention to developing its metaverse.
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The CEO Of Sega Reveals Details About The Company’s Involvement In NFTs And The Metaverse

The CEO of Sega used the year-end management meeting to disclose the video game giant's stance on its NFTs project and the Metaverse.
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Steph Curry Releases Wearable NFTs Collection With Polygon

Steph Curry celebrates historic three-point achievement by releasing a limited edition of wearable NFTs.
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Chinese News Agency Xinhua Announces NFTs Collection

The Chinese government news agency, Xinhua, announces upcoming NFTs collection despite the government crackdown on crypto.
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