Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin Becomes Citizen Of Montenegro

Vitalik Buterin becomes Montenegrin citizen, and will most likely help re-shape the country into a crypto hub of innovations.
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The NFL Decided To Allow Teams To Partner With Blockchain Operators Under Certain Conditions

The NFL decides to cash in on the potential of blockchain by allowing clubs to participate in crypto partnerships.
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South Korea Reveals That It Will Spend $187.6 Million On National Metaverse Project

South Korea becomes the first country in the world to support its own national metaverse project both technologically, and financially.
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Google Finally Breaks And Officially Reveals Blockchain Division

Google finally cracks under the ever-mounting blockchain pressure and reveals its own blockchain division.
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CasperLabs Will Provide Its OPB Protocol Services To The Chinese City Of Fuzhou

CasperLabs partners with the Chinese BSN in order to assist the city of Fuzhou regarding its blockchain needs and issues.
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Microsoft Buys Activision Blizzard For $68.7 Billion And Openly Reveals Plans For Metaverse

Microsoft makes the biggest purchase in it history, and starts a new era of turning its resources and attention to developing its metaverse.
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Largest Bank In Russia Presents Its First Ever Blockchain ETF

SberBank announces Russia's first ever exchange-traded fund, as the country is heading towards a central bank digital currency.
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DeFi Industry ‘Responsible’ For 73% Of Total Crypto Hacks In 2021

The official report states that DeFi operators are the favorite target of vast majority of crypto hacks.
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Ferrari Enters The Blockchain World via Velas Network; NFTs On The Horizon

Ferrari enters the world of blockchain by partnering with a promising Swiss start-up blockchain name, Velas Network.
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The European Blockchain Convention

We are excited to inform you that the biggest virtual blockchain convention in Europe is currently ongoing and will last until the 16th of December.
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