Steph Curry Releases Wearable NFTs Collection With Polygon

2021-12-24 23:43:27
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The best 3-point shooter in NBA history, Steph Curry, celebrates reaching the number 1 on the all-time 3-point list by releasing the shoes he wore during the game, in the form of wearable NFTs.

This historic event happened on the 14th of December, the day Curry scored the record-breaking 2.974 three-pointers.

In order to commemorate passing Ray Allen as the best in history, the Golden States Warriors point guard releases 2.974 non-fungible tokens in partnership with Polygon. Each token will feature Steph’s Genesis Curry Flow shoe that he wore when breaking the record.

Under Armour, the shoe manufacturer and sponsor of Steph Curry, reveals that users can wear the shoes in three different metaverses. And those are Decentraland, Sandbox and Gala Games. In order to purchase these limited-edition NFTs, users can visit OpenSea.

Price Is Going Up

However, ever since the start of the sale, the price for these highly sought-after NFTs is only growing. In fact, it started with a price of $333, only to go up to around $3000 at the time of writing. Just for information, the most expensive item of Steph’s collectables is currently going for a whopping $91.000. And it goes only up.

Moreover, Steph Curry also decided to gift a certain amount of his wearable NFTs. As per ESPN, the basketball player will gift 200 NFTs to people who follow Steph ever since day one. Some of these lucky recipients include his friends, mentors, professors, teachers and most importantly, the Warrior’s fans.

However, by far the best part about this news is the fact that certain tokens from the collection will go to charity. In particular, the ‘Eat. Learn. Play’ charity that is specifically for nurturing children’s potential.

We wish Mr Steph Curry many more record-breaking milestones in the future, and consequently many more upcoming NFTs. Truly one of the all-time greats.

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