Spain's La Liga Will Offer Player NFTs After New Partnership With Giant Sorare

2021-09-10 19:24:57
LaLiga & Sorare Make History

Spain’s top football division, LaLiga, announces a new partnership with NFT marketplace giant Sorare. As a result, the NFTs platform will create and release tokens of each player in the Spanish top flight, enabling fans to trade, store or purchase the tokens.

Moreover, this deal will also include Spain’s second football division, LaLaliga Smartbank.

Furthermore, thanks to the new concept of NFT licenses, both leagues will receive additional income. Which consequently, is a result of the sale numbers of the tokens. However, considering that Sorare reported nearly 130m in card sales since January, that should not be a concern.

Both LaLiga and Sorare are quite satisfied with this latest partnership. Especially since this is the first time ever any of the top 5 football leagues in Europe to sign a major NFT contract. As a result, the President of LaLiga Javier Tebas wasn’t hiding the excitement when addressing the press:

This partnership with Sorare, the most exciting sports NFT projects today, enables us to reach new audiences globally and gives existing fans additional ways they can get involved with the players and the clubs they love.Javier Tebas | President of LaLiga

Considering that Sorare gravitates towards big names, the list of partners of this NFT marketplace is rather impressive. Specifically, Sorare uses similar NFT licenses with giant clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Liverpool.

Sorare And Their Lucrative Partnerships

Consequently, this deal enables Sorare to expand its database even further. As a result, Sorare now works with up to 100 of the biggest football clubs on the globe.

Nicolas Julia, co-founder and CEO of Sorare recognizes the magnitude of the latest partnership with LaLaiga. Especially since both organizations strive to be the top dogs in their business environment.

This partnership isn’t just a sign of Sorare’s growing leadership in the NFT sports space, it is a major signal of intent by the sporting world that it sees Sorare’s unique ability to connect fans with sports through NFTs as a crucial part of their plans for the future.Nicolas Julia | CEO & Co-Founder of Sorare

Hence, we only expect this trend to catch on in the future. And potentially see all of the major football leagues do the same.

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