Snoop Dogg And Cardano Partner Up For A Historic NFT Project

2022-04-02 00:33:21

The U.S. rapper Snoop Dogg and the leading crypto exchange Cardano partner up to release the rapper’s first-ever NFT collection with the crypto exchange that will see the release of a series of different non-fungible token collectables inspired by the rapper’s life.

More specifically, thanks to this partnership between Snoop Dogg and several prominent

Aside from Cardano, Snoop Dogg joined forces with the popular NFT artist, Champ Medic, who is the creative force behind this collection. In particular, the collaboration is sponsored by the founder of Cardano himself, Charles Hopkinson, who also makes an appearance in the promotional video.

The news about the collaboration broke out on Thursday after Clay Nation posted a video on its Twitter account announcing the partnership. Specifically, the commercial features the U.S. rapper sitting next to Champ Medici,  both made out of clay, listening to the founder of Cardano on TV who invites them to use Cardano.

Shortly after the initial video announcement, the rapper also posted a short message on his Twitter account that only says “This will be fun #Cardano”, also featuring the video commercial.

According to the video, the initial NFT batch is called the “Claymations”, and is scheduled to launch on April 5th, Thursday. Considering the prominent names that are part of this NFT project, it is no wonder that there is already a big buzz around this collection.

During the past year Cardano established itself as one of the biggest players in the blockchain industry, a success that only continues in 2022. Aside from reaching the 4 million native assets milestone, the operator also reports 25.000% growth in TVL (total locked value), bringint the total up to $300 million at one point.

At the moment of writing, this number is somewhere around $240 million, with many attributing this success to the recent surge on pretty much all crypto assets on the market as a result of the correction.


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