Shake Shake And Cash App Introduce Bitcoin Cashback

2022-03-04 23:33:52

Shake Shack, one of the biggest fast-food chains in the USA, announced their new cashback program that is based on Bitcoin. In particular, starting from today, customers that will pay at Shake Shack with bitcoin will receive a 15% cashback reward.

The only requirement to qualify for the cashback is to use Cash App, the debit card that is courtesy of the digital payments provider, Block. Moreover, the owners of the cash Card that will make purchases via Cash Boost, will be also able to access a special reward program.

According to the chief marketing officer at Shake Shack, Jay Livingston, Cash App is just the right medium to break out on the crypto payments scene.

If we just started taking crypto right now at our kiosk, it would have shallow adoption, but through someone like Cash App, who’s been promoting it, you will get some more people who want it and want to learn. Jay Livingston | Chief Marketing Officer - Shake Shack

Furthermore, this move by Shake Shack is with a dual purpose. The first objective by integrating bitcoin payments is to attract the youth, i.e. the Millenials and Generation Z, which not incidentally is the main customer base of Cash App, the payment provider for Shake Shack.

The second objective of the fast-food chain is to simply ‘test the waters’ of crypto payments, and then analyse how adopting crypto will influence the future of the company. Consequently, considering that the majority of users at Cash App use bitcoin, many experts believe that Shake Shack made the right move by choosing Block as their partner.

Interestingly, this is not the first crypto venture for Shake Shack. In fact, back in 2018, the fast-food chain also launched a similar crypto project involving bitcoin, and also involving the digital payment options Cash App. Back then, Shake Shack collaborated with Cash App to enable their users to sent bitcoin among themselves, thus further confirming the fondness of the fast-food chain towards Block’s Cash App.

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