President Bukele Will Reduce The Price Of Gas For All Users Of The Chivo Wallet

2021-09-30 19:25:37
Chivo Users With Privileges

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, rewards all users of the government Chivo wallet, by exclusively reducing gas prices for anyone who pays with the bitcoin wallet. For that purpose, the President revealed on Twitter that the government will offer a 0.20 discount for anyone who pays with Chivo.bukele

This campaign begins on the 30th of September and will include all kinds of transportation. Including public transportation, private entities and local companies. And according to the ads for the campaign, it will last at least until the 14th of October.

There are several reasons why the government of El Salvador decided to start this campaign. The primary and most important is definitely the increase in the prices of fuel. Moreover, the President also revealed that he will sign a decree that will see gas prices reduced to 25 pounds per barrel in the entire country. All in order to battle the 1.17 gas price rise on an international level.

The Government will absorb the increases that are taking place in the international market for one year.Nayib Bukele | President of El Salvador
Helping The People

Yet, there is another reason as to why President Bukele rewards the Chivo users. It is a perfect opportunity to educate the citizens of El Salvador on how exactly cryptocurrencies work. And with the ongoing anti-crypto demonstrations in the country, it definitely seems like a smart move.

Another major benefit is the fact that this will definitely minimize the cost of supply that is mandatory for the users. This also plays in favour of the government, considering the surprisingly big opposition that the Chivo wallet is facing.

This will not only alleviate the pocket of households, but also that of small businesses, helping to strengthen our economy and that the most vulnerable sectors also feel the benefit of the economic growth that our country is having.Nayib Bukele | President of El Salvador

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