The New Joint NFTs And Metaverse Venture Of Prada And Adidas

2022-01-20 23:38:53
Prada & Adidas Exclusive Partnership

Following Dolce & Gabbana’s $5.65 million sales of NFTs in September of 2021, another Italian luxury brand, Prada, joins forces with the German sports manufacturer, Adidas, to pursue a joint venture regarding both NFTs, and the Metaverse.

More specifically, Adidas and Prada will use the Polygon network in order to build the upcoming project. For that matter, both companies will hold an auction where they will sell their non-fungible tokens.

The digital artist responsible for designing the NFTs is Zach Lieberman, and all of the funds gathered from the NFTs auction sale will go towards charities that support both creators and artists alike. The auction will take place on SuperRare, and it will last between the 28th of January and the 3rd of February.

Users will have the opportunity to both create and mint non-fungible tokens, by using s special filter that Zach Lieberman designed himself. Starting from the 24th of January, all you need to do is register an account with an e-wallet, and just wait for the draw.

According to the details of the project, there are going to be 3000 lucky users that will take part in the NFT drop premiere. In addition, all of the 3000 creators will get special IP rights regarding their NFT creations, in order to guarantee transparency and authenticity.

Prada And The Metaverse

And that is not all regarding the collaboration between the two retail giants. Aside from the NFTs project, Prada and Adidas also prepare to dwell into the metaverse as well. In particular, via the ‘Adidas for Prada Re-Nylon collection’.

Considering that Prada wants to establish itself as one of the first luxury brands to dominate the metaverse, the company wants to stay true to what the marketing director of Prada, Lorenzo Bertelli, calls, its ‘spirit of experimentation and creativity’

Consequently, Prada wants to ‘re-define luxury for the next generation’, as per the words of the Bertelli. And the metaverse is the perfect platform to keep cultivating the unique creativity of the brand itself.

For that reason, the new NFTs venture between Prada and Adidas is expected to attract quite the attention. Especially since both brands are already committed in a lucrative metaverse partnership as well.

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