Polkadot Protocol Is Close To Become Front Jersey Sponsor Of FC Barcelona

2022-01-25 00:01:54
Will Barça Sign A Blockchain Sponsor?

According to the latest news from Catalonia, Spain, blockchain protocol Polkadot might become the next official front jersey sponsor of FC Barcelona. Considering that the deal with the current sponsor, Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten, ends in July of 2022.

While nothing is set in stone, FC Barcelona praises the abilities of the Polkadot protocol. In particular, Barcelona highlights the fact that Polkadot can process a ‘high number of transactions by second’ (TPS), or 1000 at the moment.

However, according to the statement, when Polkadot invariably reaches its full work capacity, this number will reportedly reach a whopping 1.000.000 transactions per second.

Consequently, due to this highly efficient way of processing transactions, the Polkadot protocol slowly, but surely, managed to attract a substantial following from the crypto community.

FC Barcelona on the other hand is currently in the process of finding a new lucrative sponsorship. Aside from Polkadot, the club from Catalonia is also negotiating with the leading music streaming platform in the world, Spotify.

According to FC Barcelona’s official statement, the club wants to find a long-term sponsorship solution. That is why according to club President Laporta, they are ‘to analyze in-depth each proposal, before reaching a final decision.

The club has decided to take things with patience to analyze in-depth each proposal in procures to reach the most profitable agreement on a long-term basis.FC Barcelona - Official Statement
Bad Experience

Aside from the possible collaboration with the Polkadot protocol as an official jersey sponsor, FC Barcelona is already familiar with the blockchain industry. That is after signing a partnership deal with Ownix, a prominent NFTs marketplace.

However, very soon after signing the deal, FC Barcelona backed out, due to a rather bizarre reason. That is because Moshe Hogeg, member and collaborator with Ownix, was arrested on fraud and sexual assault charges, among the most severe.

Regardless, should this partnership deal proceed and Polkadot becomes a partner of FC Barcelona, then it will definitely launch this blockchain protocol even further on the ranking ladder.

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