Philadelphia 76ers Will Wear The Logo On Their Jerseys

2021-09-22 18:15:31
76ers Are The Second Team Ever To Land a Crypto-Ad Patch Deal


Philadelphia 76ers partner with and becomes just the third team in NBA history that inks a deal with a crypto operator. Falling behind only to the Miami Heat and the Portland Trailblazers. Moreover, as part of the cooperation with, the 76ers will wear the logo on their shirts. The deal between the two will see the Heat wear the logo for the next six years. will be woven into the fabric of our identity. And together, we will change the landscape for how crypto is integrates into sports.Chris Heck | President of Business Operations - Philadelphia 76ers

The price, however, was not disclosed by either of the parties involved. Consequently, similar to Portland Trailblazers who are already working with NFTs, it should be no surprise that the Sixers are also going in that direction as well. As a result, fans can expect the first Philadelphia Sixers token very soon.

Portland Trailblazers, on the other hand, are one of the two remaining NBA teams that will also endorse a crypto-advertisement as part of a deal. In fact, the Trailblazers are the first team in the history of the NBA to strike a partnership with a crypto operator and wear its logo on their jerseys.

For that purpose, the Trailblazers partner with one of the leading gamified marketplaces in the world, StormX. And just as with the Sixers, the Trailblazers will also feature the StormX logo as part of a five-year deal. Consequently, same as with the Sixers, the amount of the deal is unfortunately not disclosed.

Miami Heat And The Two-Decade Long Crypto Deal

This brings us to the Miami Heat. The Heat are in fact the first-ever NBA team to begin a partnership with a crypto operator. In fact, the deal is worth a whopping $135m, and is with one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world, FTX. Specifically, this deal will see the crypto exchange as exclusive partner of the Miami Heat. In addition to obtaining the naming rights for the Heat’s arena for the next 19 years.

This partner deal between the 76ers and marks only the beginning of a trend in the NBA, many experts believe. This is logical, especially if we take a look into all the other sports that currently have deals with crypto operators. For example, is already partner with the number one motorsport in the world, Formula 1.

That is in addition to being partners with football club PSG, and NHL team Montreal Canadiens. FTX is also trying to follow the expansive strategy, and it is already an official jersey sponsor for the MLB (Major League Baseball) umpires. That is, in addition, to constantly looking for new opportunities to expand its presence.

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