Chris Rock Getting Slapped At The Oscars Is The Inspiration For The Will Smith Inu Coin

2022-03-30 00:02:34
The Oscars Gave Us The Latest Meme Coin

Just several hours later, after actor Will Smith slapped his colleague and host of the 2022 Academy Awards, Chris Rock, on stage, the crypto community already started capitalizing on this event in a rather brilliant manner that saw the emergence of a new digital coin that is called, Will Smith Inu.

Reminiscent of the brief time when meme coins ruled the mainstream crypto market, this ‘joke’ coin was actually selling quite impressive during the first 24 hours. Up to such extent, in fact, that at a certain time the price of Will Smith Inu sky-rocketed by a whopping 10.000%.

At the moment of writing, WSI (Will Smith Inu), is currently trading at $0.00000044$, and that is thanks to today’s big spike of around 317%, with many expecting the number to go even further up by the end of the day. It is currently available for purchase on several major crypto exchanges such as, and Uniswap.

While there are no specific details yet as to who is the creator of this meme coin, what we do know is that the supply of Will Smith Inu coins is capped at Considering that many consider this to be a ‘one-hit wonder’, it will be interesting to see how this coin will sell a few weeks from now.

We should mention that many crypto experts on Twitter are warning not to trust the hype that surrounds this meme coin. At the same time, there are others who believe this to be a historic moment, and that is worth commemorating it with a digital coin. Either way, the best course of action is to be cautious and always consult with a more experienced trader before indulging.

The Most Controversial Oscars Yet?

For those not familiar, during the 2022 Academy Awards, the most prestigious movie awards in the world, Will Smith slapped the host and comedian, Chris Rock. The entire scuffle started when Chris Rock jokingly addressed the hairstyle of Smith’s wife and actress, Jada Pinket Smith, who after initially laughing at the joke, walked on stage, and slapped the host hard on his right cheek.

What most likely angered Smith is the fact that this spouse is suffering from a medical condition that is called Alopecia, where one of the side effects is the loss of hair. Whether Rock was familiar with this medical history of the actress or not is still not familiar, however, the reaction certainly sent shockwaves around the world.

Interestingly, Will Smith went on to receive an Academy Award for Best Male Actor for his role in King Richard, a biopic movie about tennis legends the Serena sisters. While giving the speech, Smith went on to apologize for his outburst to both the members in the audience and the organizers of the event, but not Chris Rock himself.

This was enough to divide the public opinion, just as usual. However, it seems like the majority of the comments on various social platforms express support for Chris Rock, especially for the calm and professional manner in which he conducted himself at the time.


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