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– Advisor Sale tokens comprise 4.38% of the total token supply.
– Strategic Sale tokens comprise 23.75% of total token supply.
– CoinList Sale tokens comprise 4.84% of the total token supply.
– Team tokens comprise 20.24% of total token supply.
– Advisor Grants tokens comprise 1.69% of total token supply.
– Foundation Reserves tokens comprise 31.37% of total token supply.
– Ecosystem Growth Funds tokens comprise 12.99% of total token supply.
– Long-term Partnerships tokens comprise 0.73% of total token supply.


Origin Protocol is a blockchain platform that specializes in constructing decentralized marketplaces. It is created out of a unique set of protocols that enable potential traders of fractional goods and serves to perform transactions on the open web. One of the trademark features of the Origin Protocol is that it enables both businesses and developers to build their own blockchain and decentralized marketplaces. Thanks to the platform. Moreover, the company is currently in the process of building a decentralized application, set of protocols and a developer library, by using Ehtereum’s blockchain and the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). The goal with the said decentralization is to create a perfect trading environment for both the creation and booking of goods and services. All with the specific purpose to provide no third-party involvement whatsoever.


Unique Features

One of the main components of the Origin platform is definitely ID safety and security. More specifically, Origin allows for both buyers and sellers to perform all transactions under a nickname, or a pseudonym. However, this can occur only if both parties sign a consent. Should they agree to do so, both parties have the liberty to pick the provider of the identity, and the identity itself. Consequently, the Origin platform uses to distinctive ways to verify the identity of the parties in question:

1. Users will have to provide a public auditable proof in the likes of the public key(for Facebook, Twitter.etc). Afterwards, they will have to cryptographically sign the document by using the private key and eventually link this with any of their social networks for verification.

2. The platform of Origin will verify the ID of the one’s involved via third-party authentication. Main benefit of this procedure is that third-party providers can potentially verify the identification via the offline world interface.


There are several key benefits of investing in the Origin protocol.

1. It prevents potential scams and any fraudulent action. Additionally, by removing the middleman, the Origin platform ‘spooks’ any suspicious or unwanted activity by preventing any spam or fraud attacks. This results in Origin having a Deposit-Challenge-Vote type of procedure, in order to guarantee the utmost transparency of the data. To ensure this, Origin requires users that create a listing, or wish to file a complaint, to do so by depositing strictly with the ORIGIN tokens

2. Rewards and overall safety of the platform. The Origin platform will employ a unique system in order to autonomously control the Origin community. One of the best ways to guarantee this safety is via the ORIGIN token. Moreover, that is the focal point of the idea behind this platform. Its main goal is to maintain safety, and locate and prevent counterfeit records, accounts and transactions by creating deterrents. On top of faster and safer transactions, this enables many developers to earn the ORIGIN tokens via a series of business models, grants or deals.


The ORIGIN token sole purpose is to inspire potential crypto investors. In particular, the ERC20 token will be part of Ethereum and their blockchain network’s developer tools. Additionally, the token will be also available in pretty much all built-in wallets. Consequently, the ORIGIN token will serve in order to:

-Maintain the Safety and Healthy of The Platform
-Provide Smooth Network Operation
-Oversee & Enable All Buyer/Seller Transactions



Origin is driven by the desire to completely change the ICO experience. One main objective of Origin is to lower or completely remove any potential transaction fees. In addition, it aims to equally tend to both buyers and sellers distribution value, as well as promoting commerce with the utmost transparency and fairness. With all this in mind, Origin main goal is to ‘touch’ the 2 billion users who currently are not part of the digital trading craze. Thanks to the IFPS hypermedia protocol, and Ethereum unique platform, we now can enjoy open-source interactions without paying a middleman. Consequently, the ORIGIN ICO token way of work ensures stability, growth, data transparency and user engagement in the most secure fashion.

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