NFTS and Smart Contracts To Enter The Music Industry

It is for some time now that we hear about crypto and NFTs entering the music industry. One of the more important statements to date is the announcement of Jay-Z back in June where he expressed interest in merging music with crypto. More specifically, the famous rapper was very clear with his intention to implement smart contracts and NFTS into the Tidal music platform, thus entering the music industry. Moreover, Jay-Z stated that he likes the flexibility and convenience that come with smart contracts. In particular, the highly customizable nature is part of the experience with smart contracts.

Consequently, this allows for the artists to create their own residual contracts. However, they please. Whether it is 20%, 40% on the first sale, or a gradual payment depending on the upcoming sales. It is this convenience of having this feature on disposal is that makes even moguls such as Jay-Z to ponder in merging crypto with the music industry.

Something similar is happening with the latest cooperation between influencers Sam Battle and Estefannie. Given that it is the same case of mixing cryptocurrencies with the music industry. It is worth mentioning that Sam Battle is mostly known for his stage name, Look Mum No Computer. Furthermore, the latest cooperation between the two social influencers gave birth to quite a unique product. More specifically, Sam Battle created a system that generates electrical impulses in relation to the changes in the crypto-price. Mrs. Esteffanie on the other hand, programmed a Rasberry Pi for the purpose of producing the sounds in order to capsulate the changes in crypto-prizes via audio signals.

One thing that bugs fans is what crypto-coin chart was used in order to produce this unique system. However, despite not disclosing this information, the creators claim that this is a real-time, fully-functioning crypto synthesizer machine. As such, is definitely a thing of the future, and could potentially serve as a platform for further purposeful integrating of crypto with music.

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