NFTs And Blockchain Are Already Part Of The Video Games Industry

2021-11-13 00:39:54
More Game Developers Using Blockchain and NFTs

According to two separate studies, many developers are already incorporating NFTs and blockchain technology in video games. One study was conducted by Stratis, a blockchain platform, and the other by Opinium, a strategic insight company. And the numbers show a really interesting picture.

Out of 197 developers from the U.K. and U.S., 58% are using certain blockchain features in game development.

The CEO of Stratis, Chris Trew, states that he expects incorporating blockchain and NFTs in video games to drastically increase in the future:

With renowned platforms such as Epic welcoming blockchain-based games and NFTs, we certainly expect AAA studios to launch titles incorporating these technologies in the coming years. But there are so many indie game developers that will get there first.Chris Trew | CEO of Stratis

The research also shows that many developers are already using NFTs in developing their games. In particular, 48% of the subjects confirm this to be the case. And it seems like the public is loving this new way of work.

And the research only proves this to be the case. Out of all respondents, 70% say that they would try blockchain/NFT video games. From here, 56% of the players say that they intend to try it out in the next year.

Innovation & Value

Consequently, there are several major reasons for the ease with which the public accepts incorporating blockchain into video games. According to the respondents, the innovative nature and the value for their money are the top two reasons.

The third most popular reason is the play-to-earn element. This is a unique blockchain feature that gives the players a chance to get real-world value.

There are already several instances where game developers successfully managed to incorporate blockchain and NFTs in video games. While EA, Ubisoft and Square Enix are very close to doing so, the ground-breaker is an independent game development studio.

We are talking about the indie game developer, Sky Mavis. The guys and girls from this studio created the first NFTs video game, Axie Infinity.

In fact, this is basically what made the play-to-earn concept so popular. It represents a unique opportunity to experience a real NFTs economy in a video game, for the first time ever.



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