DraftKings Partners With The NFLPA For NFTs Cooperation

2021-12-07 23:04:23

DraftKings kicks off a cooperation with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) with the purpose of expanding their NFTs marketplace.

This partnership comes just as the NFL announced its venture with Dapper Labs for the purpose of creating a trading platform, similar to NBA Top Shot.

As a result of this cooperation, DraftKings will have special access to a wide range of NFLPA information. This includes the players’ publishing rights, name and image.

And according to the deal, DraftKings will use this special access to create, promote and sell NFL player NFTs.

DraftKings will start this NFT venture on the first day of the start of the 2022/2023 NFL season. Consequently, the online sports betting leader in the U.S. reveals there will be a fantasy-type video game, where users can use the designated NFTs to go head-to-head.

This deal between DraftKings and the NFLPA is possible thanks to OneTeam. This is the NFLPA’s official media business partner.

The most important thing is that DraftKings has all the legal documents to begin the NFTs venture. Although, due to U.S. laws, only a select group of U.S. states will be able to purchase the upcoming NFL tokens.

Few organizations beyond DraftKings are as equipped to capitalize on the increasing intersection between sports and NFTs that will be cornerstones of engagement and entertainment within Web3.Beth Beiriger | Senior Vice President Of Product Operations - DraftKings
Leading The Way

It seems like the NFL went on from the least involved sport in crypto, to the leading NFTs sports league in a matter of weeks.

Even since the deal with Dapper Labs, the NFL also partnered with Ticketmaster for the same purpose of releasing NFTs. In this instance, the idea behind the project was to tie NFTs purchases with tickets for select NFL games only. 

Hence, we can easily say that the latest NFTs cooperation between DraftKings and the NFLPA is definitely another positive surprise.

And considering that this is only the beginning, it seems like the NFL is on the fast track to becoming the leading in blockchain, i.e. crypto ventures.




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