New Crypto Users Rise Double In Just 6 Months

According to the latest research by, there are nearly half as many new Crypto users in the past 6 months. More specifically, the report states that there are currently more than 220 million crypto users. One of the biggest rises in numbers from new crypto-users ever. That is only by June 2021. Moreover, the report was conducted thanks to the on-chain data and additional parameters, in order to assemble the numbers from 24 of the leading crypto exchanges.

This report states that the biggest rise in numbers from new crypto-users occurred between February and May 2021. In this period, there was a substantial rise in the numbers. More specifically, from 106 million, up to a total of 203 million users. Consequently, that is a result due to several global events. One of those reasons is Elon Musk’s comments concerning bitcoin and its carbon footprint. Another is due to China and the outright restrictions on bitcoin in general. Both these occurrences can be attributed to the rise from 20% users between January and April, up to 37% in May and June. And naturally to one of the biggest altcoins purchase in recent times.

These numbers compare with the period of nine months which was necessary for the new users base to jump from 65 million, up to 100 million. This significant rise in the numbers from new crypto-users can only mean one thing. That this market is yet to experience its full potential.

Naturally,’s official statement concerning the report is quite positive. For that matter, the CEO of, Kris Marszalek said the following:

The growth we have seen in the first half of 2021 on our platform and industry-wide is very encouraging, and we will continue investing heavily as we pursue our goal of putting cryptocurrency in every wallet.Kris Marszalek | CEO of

However, it is interesting to see how all of this will play out. Especially if you consider that many countries are just starting to regulate cryptocurrencies. Only time will tell.

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