The Most Popular Cryptocurrencies In France

2022-02-16 00:36:31
Bitcoin And Ethereum Still Rule France

According to the leading sector for advisory-audit services in France, KPMG, Bitcoin and Ethereum still remain some of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the country. 

More specifically, as per the KPMG France report, there is a select list of most desirable crypto coins that includes Dogecoin, Shiba-In, Ethereum, Polkadot, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

However, regardless of the growing popularity of Shiba-Inu and Dogecoin in France, Bitcoin and Ethereum are still the number one option for investors in the country, with 48% of crypto investors going with Bitcoin, and 29% with Ethereum.

Moreover, Bitcoin is also the number one option for the newbies in crypto. In particular, a big 69% of the crypto enthusiasts in France state that they would most likely invest in the leading cryptocurrency in the world when making their first crypto purchase.

Interestingly, the report by KPMG France also shows that the main reason why 48% of the French population are still not sure whether to invest in crypto, is the lack of information and knowledge on the matter.

Millennials Leading The Crypto Wave

Consequently, the report shows that 8% of the total population in France has already invested in crypto, which is slightly more than the 6.7% of Frenchmen who hold crypto assets.

Finally, the number one demographic group in France that is interested in crypto are millennial men. And this is pretty much the case in every country across the world, being that most analytics and reports show millennials at the forefront of crypto technology.

And the report by KPMG France clearly shows that the most popular cryptocurrencies among millennials are Bitcoin and Ethereum, with Dogecoin climbing the popularity ladder quite rapidly.

At the moment of writing, there are around 1200 employees in the crypto sector in France. And while most of the crypto companies in France managed to raise $1.4 billion via fundraisers, the demand for crypto developers in the country still remains surprisingly high.

That is mostly due to the fact that France has serious issues with finding work force to fill the crypto vacancies. Which is why there is a whole list of crypto start-ups that are currently in the process of hiring basically anyone with experience in the crypto sector.

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