Miami Art Festival SCOPE: First Ever To Sell VIP Tickets In The Form NFTs

2021-09-11 16:52:22

Miami SCOPE, the critically acclaimed art show announces that it will be selling tickets in the form of NFTs. For that purpose, SCOPE will use YellowHeart, a blockchain NFT marketplace, and their platform to create VIP tickers and sell them as NFTs.

The sale for the NFT VIP tickets is already ongoing. It started on 9th of September, featuring 10 of some of the biggest art names on the scene. The list include artists such as Saype, Swoon, Relm, among some of the more bigger names. Something that the founder of SCOPE, Alexis Hubshman, did not fail to point out:

This unique set of minted tickets will feature exclusive edition artwork by emerging and celebrated artists.Alexis Hubshman | Founder of SCOPE

Moreover, customers can buy the NFT tickets via two convenient methods. One is with credit cards, and the other is by crypto. Despite YellowHeart revealing that the majority of purchases are in crypto. Regardless, this seems to be the very first case ever where tickets are selling as NFTs.

The CEO of YellowHeart, Josh Katz, confirms that the goal of YellowHeart is to forever change the way customer buy tickets. For that matter, it is clear that the goal of YellowHeart is to take the entire ticket selling procedure to a new level. And that is by providing utmost transparency for both sellers and buyers.

Right now we’re dealing with a centralized, manipulated marketplace. This puts it into the open crypto and NFT marketplaces.Josh Kutz | CEO of YellowHeart

The Miami SCOPE art fair definitely hits a home run by selecting YellowHeart to carry out this task of selling tickets as NFTs. Especially if you consider the pedigree and reputation of the company in the world of NFTs.

That is due to the fact that YellowHeart created NFTs for names such as Maroon 5, Britney Spears and Kings of Leon. Consequently, making the blockchain ticket selling platform one of the most sought after in the business.


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