Mars Attacks NFTs

2021-11-16 22:50:52

Topps stays true to its non-stop production of NFTs and has already announced the upcoming Mars Attacks collection inspired by the 1962 trading cards.

Topps already has several very popular NFTs collections under its belt. such as Godzilla vs Kong, MLB trading cards, Bundesliga tokens, Garbage Pail Kids, etc.

Moreover, Topps will sell the Mars Attacks NFTs collection in packs with different odds and numbers of rarities, depending on the pack. And according to the official announcement, there will be a total of 1214 packs available.

In particular, there will be three sets of packs named after colours. Each ‘colour’ pack comes with a different price, a number of packs and a different number of cards.

For that matter, Topps will release 564 ‘Yellow’ packs with 11 cards, for the price of 49 per pack. Then 500 ‘Red’ packs with 25 cards for the price of 99, and finally 150 ‘Green’ packs with a full set of 55 cards for the price of 199 per pack.

All in all, the total Mars Attacks NFTs collection amounts to 27.510 cards. With the help of math, we come to a number of around 500 full sets of cards, in addition to 10 redemption tickets.

The redemption tickets are a nice surprise for the lucky owners. Topps intends to use redemption tickets in certain cards and gift some lucky NFT owners. There are several animated bonus cards and they vary between gold, x-ray or static bonus card.

Topps coming up with the Mars Attacks NFTs collection is just part of the busy period for this company. In fact, Topps is constantly engaging in various different projects, similar to its competition.

These include NFT companies such as Veve, Autograph and NBA Top Shot. This includes several lucrative partnerships that resulted in very successful NFT projects.

In particular, Veve just recently forged a partnership with Disney. While NBA Top Shot and Autograph already have several unique NFTs collections with Disney.

Some of the most popular are the Star Wars collectables, The Simpsons, Elsa and Wall-E (Pixar) digital tokens. In other words, we are in the midst of a constant battle for the NFT throne. And that can only benefit us, the digital token enthusiasts.

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