& Polygon Join Forces, As Mark Cuban Eyes Mainstream NFTs Venture

As of today,, Mark Cubans’ non-fungible token platform, is now part of the Polygon partners list. Polygon is a scaling solution that belongs to Ethereum, built with the purpose to provide the utmost affordable transactions. This news broke out after the announcement of Polygon Studios in which they confirm the merger. For those not familiar, Polygon Studios is the hub platform used for gaming and 

NFTs. Both parties agree that the goal of this merger is to enable a wider acceptance of digital tokens.

One major convenience is the fact that now all users can link their account, to their Polygon wallet. Especially since both support and work with NFTs created by Ethereum. And Polygon’s unique nature is another reason why many wish to partner up. The concept of work is that it enables far cheaper solutions. That is due to maintaining sidechains or tangential networks along with the central Ethereum blockchain.

Consequently, many exchanges, gaming providers, and NFTs creators are looking towards Polygon as the go-to option. As a matter of fact, Polygon is already partner with companies such as OpenSea, WeNew, Raible, and several other big names. All with the purpose to diverge from the rather high transaction prices that come with Ethereum.

Moreover, it is no wonder that Mark Cuban is quite happy with the merger of and Polygon. When speaking to the press, he gave the following statement:

NFTs still have their adoption hurdles, but none are as consequential as transaction fees and efficiency Polygon’s structured and easy-to-use scaling solution obliterates these barriers. I’m excited to see how the NFT space develops from here.Mark Cuban | CEO of exists since March, yet it already shows promising signs and potential. The purpose of is to serve as a digital NFTs gallery. As such, it quickly got the attention of many NFTs dealers and enthusiasts. And with all of the hype that follows NFTs this year, that craze will only continue to grow. To give you an example, in the first six months of 2020 there were $13.7 million from NFT sales. In 2021, for the same period of time, there are $2.5 billion in sales. Truly crazy numbers. In addition to NFTs reaching record trading volume on Etheruem. Or up to $171 million just last week. Or 338% more than the same week, one month prior.