Latest Study Prediction: Blockchain Industry Will Surpass 382b By 2027

2021-11-18 17:19:36
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According to a study by Utility Bidder, the blockchain industry will surpass a whopping 382b by the year 2027. In addition, the report also states that blockchain-related companies and fintech firms will be worth well over $67.4m, also by 2027.

It is safe to say that a lot of different blockchain studies in the past year suggest the same outcome.

Only Utility Bidder goes a bit further and presents a clear picture of the numbers behind the most successful fintech companies in the world.

For that matter, Utility Bidder conducted an analysis on the report by Forbes’ concerning the 50 biggest fintech firms for 2021. In order to conduct thorough research, Utility Bidder evaluated several different aspects and points.

More specifically, they divide the firms into four different sections/factors. Each section then gets a score between 1-10.

The end result is a product of combining the score numbers from all categories. The firm with the most points is the winner of the bunch.

Some of these factors include up-to-date valuation, funds raised, Google Ads Keyword search frequency between August 2020 and July 2021. And lastly, but definitely an important factor, the number of Twitter followers.

The study by Utility Builder clearly shows that blockchain-related companies are expected to reach a total of $67.4b by 2027.

That equals 17.64% out of the total $382b estimation. Consequently, the research gives us the winner and the leading fintech firm at the moment. And that is definitely Kraken.

Clear Winner

In fact, it is easy to notice that Kraken takes this one by a mile.

While it doesn’t have the largest funding, it pretty much dwarfs the other fintech firms in every regard. Additionally, Kraken scores a high 5.64 out of the total 10 points in the overall score.

This may seem like a low score, but if we take into account that the second-place Gemini got 2.33 out of 10, it really puts Kraken’s success into perspective. Finally, BlockFi rounds the top three with a total score of 1.95 out of 10.

Regardless of who takes the top spot, the predictions that blockchain technology will surpass 382b in a few years are really something that should be taken with reserve. Especially since no one knows for sure how the crypto-story will unfold.

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