Latest Piplsay Survey Shows That US Citizens Trust NFTs More Than UK Citizens

2021-09-08 16:36:01

Piplsay conducted a large-scale survey where they polled a total of 40.040 both US and UK citizens to get their opinion on NFTs. More specifically, they managed to question 30.870 American and 9.170 British citizens in order to learn how each nation feels about non-fungible tokens.

Moreover, the survey was conducted between the 3rd and 5th of September 2021, with all subjects being above the legal age of 18. And the results are rather interesting.

The data from the Piplsay survey shows that 48% of US citizens believe NFT is a ‘good and safe investment. On the other hand, in the UK only 22% of the subjects believe that is the case. From here, it is no surprise that up to 18% of Americans have already invested in NFTs. Whereas in the United Kingdom, that number is only 5%.

Consequently, the same goes when asked about the future of NFTs. 44% of Americans believe that NFTs are part of the future. While in the UK, only 27% of the citizens believe that to be the case.

Furthermore, in the US 32% of Americans believe non-fungible tokens to be a ‘revolutionary concept’. While in the United Kingdom 15% believe that to be the case. The same goes with the question of whether NFTs are safe to invest in. 24% of the US subjects believe that NFT is ‘neither good nor safe’, where in the UK 45% agree with that statement.

Probably the biggest similarity between the two is when it comes to whether NFT is ‘good, but not safe’. In that instance, 19% of Americans believe that is the case, while 21% of the British agree. Which is very is similar to the answers to are non-fungible tokens an ‘absurd concept’. Consequently, 18% of Americans and 17% believe that non-fungible tokens are an ‘absurd concept’.

Piplsay also inquired the subjects of both the UK and the US what they personally feel about NFTs. In the US 50% of the subjects did not have any opinion or didn’t know about NFTs. In the UK that number is 68%. This clearly shows that the US is a bit more open to this new technology than its UK counterparts.

However, Pisplay’s survey doesn’t stop there. In fact, Pisplay layered this NFT survey into generational demographics as well. And again, the results are rather interesting. Considering that this is the only part of the survey where Britons show a bigger interest in NFTs than Americans.

Although in the US 41% of Millennials already have made an NFT investment, in the UK that number is 48%. Additionally, 33% of Gen Xers in the US have an NFT investment, while in the UK that amounts to 37%. Lastly and concerning the Gen Zers, in the US the number amounts to 26%, while in the UK up to 18% of the Gen Zers have an NFT investment.

While it is clear that overall the US is more fond of NFTs than the UK, the difference is not that significant. Particularly since the younger generation in the UK seems more into non-fungible tokens than their US counterparts. Whatever the case, the Piplsay survey reveals that at this moment, Americans are at the forefront of this new technology.






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