The Artist Responsible For The Unique NFTs Collection Of Lamborghini

2022-01-24 21:03:25
Lamborghini Jumps The NFT Bandwagon

One of the best supercar manufacturers in the world, Lamborghini, revealed the name of the artist that will create its long-anticipated NFTs collection. For that matter, Fabian Oefner is the name of the Swiss artist that will develop the NFTs collection for the Italian supercar brand.

Moreover, the name of the non-fungible token collection is ‘Space Key’, and is inspired by the company’s carbon fiber experiment back in 2019. Namely, Lamborghini sent several samples of carbon fibre materials to the ISS (International Space Station), in order to research how cosmic radiation affects the environment.

Consequently, Lamborghini decided to use the carbon fibre samples in order to release its upcoming NFT collection. The ‘Space Key’ collectables will come as five different ‘space keys’, with each piece of carbon fibre released as an individual non-fungible token.

According to Oefner, each carbon fibre piece will contain a unique QR that will link the physical item, with the digital non-fungible token. And according to the artist, that is what fascinated him the most when Lamborghini approached him with this project.

The car and its components, something physical and real, gets transformed into something digital that never existed. And the carbon fibre piece, something physical and tangible, serves as a key to access the digital experience of the art piece.Fabian Oefner | Creator of 'Space Keys'

Considering the previous experience of Fabian Oefner when it comes to public exhibits, Lamborghini believes that the Swiss artist is ‘a perfect fit’ for the NFTs job. Aside from numerous exhibits in Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen etc., Oefner is famous for his 2015 ‘Disintegrating’ collection, which features exploding classic cars.

Consequently, the details concerning the NFTs drop will be available in the upcoming weeks. However, one thing is certain. The NFTs game is definitely heating up, and Lamborghini jumping the non-fungible token bandwagon is only proof of that fact.

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