Kommunitas Provides The Ideal Solution For Multi-Chain Projects And Then Some

2022-03-15 23:48:19
Solving The Problems Of The Industry

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to investing in a blockchain project for most crypto users is whether the investment will pay off. While this is usually determined by several crucial factors, the main struggle for most blockchain projects is to manage and equally tackle three of the biggest issues for the blockchain industry: decentralization, security and scalability. Well, CryptoGoldie is happy to introduce you to Kommunitas, the ideal solution for all Multi-Chain oriented projects, and our new partner.

Created with the sole goal of maintaining a perfect ecosystem that is specifically designed to be a solution for the trifecta of issues represented by decentralization, security and scalability, one of the aims of Kommunitas is to completely revolutionize the way that developers raise funds for their projects. In addition, Kommunitas also successfully tackled the single-chain limit issue, something that quite a few launchpads failed to do.

Furthermore, since Kommunitas has no specific structure, the users, i.e. holders of $KOM tokens have the option to allocate funds proportionally to the amount they stake. Due to the convenient fact that Kommunitas doesn’t impose an investment limit in order to participate in a Public Sale, all holders of $KOM have the opportunity to be part of the Kommunitas Launchpad.

Speaking of staking, $KOM users can do so via their wallet, by simply visiting their designated staking portal https://staking.kommunitas.net/. One of the perks of staking $KOM tokens is that everyone who does will get a hefty interest, regardless of the duration. Naturally, the longer the duration of the staking, the bigger the interest which you will receive in $KOM tokens as well.

Circulation And Compatibility

Currently, there are 20 billion $KOM tokens in circulation, which is 20 billion down from the initial release of 40 billion $KOM. However, since releasing the first ‘batch’ of tokens on May 20th 2021, Kommunitas so far burned half of its supply via their DxLock contract. Another convenience about this project is that holders/users of $KOM can easily follow all updates regarding the monthly reduction of tokens, along with a detailed monthly report, online.

Finally, users should not worry about compatibility with blockchain platforms, since this decentralized and tier-less Launchpad is perfectly congruent with all major blockchains. This includes giants in the likes of Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, etc. Consequently, making for yet another major benefit, that plays a crucial part in the already brilliant way that Kommunitas tackles the biggest issues for a plethora of different blockchain projects.

Thanks to the tremendous attention to detail, the perfect understanding of both decentralized finance and blockchain technology and the creative way of tackling some of the biggest concerns of the industry, it is safe to say that Kommunitas already established itself as the ideal solution for Multi-Chain projects.

And, this is just scratching the surface. Considering that Kommunitas operates less than one year, it certainly leaves a completely opposite impression. CryptoGoldie is delighted whenever we are presented with an opportunity to partner with a top-tier DeFi operator such as Kommunitas, especially since that entails sharing the good news with our dear readers.

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