JPMorgan Clients Believe Bitcoin Will Come Back At $60.000

2022-01-17 21:39:14

According to an official client survey by JPMorgan, the majority of their clients believe bitcoin will get back and surpass $60.000 by year-end.

This news come at a time when bitcoin is currently trading at around $42.690 at the moment of writing.

More specifically, in the official report from the client survey, JPMorgan states that 55% of their customers believe that bitcoin will be back, or reach $60.000 this year. And that is by far the biggest percentage out of any target group that was part of the survey.

Moreover, the survey also states that a big 41% of the subjects believe that bitcoin will surpass $60.000 come year-end. 9% of the subjects believe that bitcoin will pass the $80.000 mark, while 5% see bitcoin passing $100.000 at year-end.

However, not everyone at JPMorgan shares the same enthusiasm when it comes to the future of bitcoin, or whether it will get back to $60.000. In fact, 23% of the clients believe that bitcoin will trade at $20.000 by the end of the year.

From here, 20% expect the cryptocurrency to trade at $40.000 at year-end, making for an even more division in opinions. Lastly, just a small 2% of the Wall Street bank clients believe that by the end of 2022, bitcoin will trade at $10.000 or less.

Goldman Sachs is another banking giant that predicts that bitcoin may go up to $100.000 at one point in the future. But, according to the bank, that is if the ‘store of value’ of bitcoin rises to a whopping 50% in the upcoming 5 years.

For now, only time can really tell the true fate of bitcoin. All we can do is sit back and follow the news carefully. Especially if we consider that bitcoin is changing by the day.

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