JD Technology Releases Its Very Own Set Of NFTs

2021-10-20 17:02:46
Following the NFT Trend

After the news about Alibaba and Tencent entering the NFTs game in August, JD Technology (JD.com) has also revealed plans to enter the digital tokens market. For that matter, JD Technology promotes this venture by giving users a chance to own one of their seven limited editions NFTs, for free.

More specifically, in order to commemorate this year’s conference, JD will give away tokens for everyone that signs up and participates. The duration of JD Technology’s conference is between the 19th of October and the 22nd of November. Leaving plenty of time to sign up.

And the best part is that should you invite a friend, they will also get an NFT. Consequently, the more friends you invite, the bigger the chances to complete the full JD token collection.

JD Technology used its own resources as an inspiration to create its very first tokens. Specifically, they used the JD mascot (white puppy) as the focal point for the entire project.


Furthermore, the seven NFTs represent the seven sectors of the company: technology, retail, smart cities, finance, health and logistics. Each of the sectors will feature the JD Technology puppy, making for a rather unique NFT collection.

While JD Technology won’t release the tokens until after the 22nd of November, users can still transfer the tokens. In order to guarantee authenticity, JD will adjust its platform to meet copyright protection, art collection, public welfare and e-commerce guidelines.

Leader In The Field of E-Commerce

JD Technology has a reputation for developing one of the biggest e-commerce apps on the Chinese market. Formerly known as JD Digits, today the company specializes in providing tech services and solutions. Consequently, their main areas of expertise are blockchain, AI, healthtech, cloud and fintech services.

The JD Technology NFTs are a complete product of JD Technology. Moreover, the company minted and released the tokens by using their very own blockchain platform, the JD Chain. According to the company, they managed to develop ‘an NFT technical service platform’ that meets the highest standards.

The end result is a convenient token platform that has the capacity to circulate, trace, store and verify non-fungible collections.

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