Is The 9 Year Dormant Bitcoin Wallet The Personal Stash of Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto?

2021-09-23 21:53:06
Is this the original wallet of the founder of Bitcoin?

It seems like a mystery bitcoin wallet from the era of Satoshi Nakamoto’s last online activity became suddenly active once again. The dormant wallet in question is 9 years old, and it contains 616 bitcoin. What makes a lot of crypto-enthusiasts lose their minds, is that the last activity of the digital wallet perfectly co-relates to the last activity of anonymous bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Moreover, the 8.8-year dormant bitcoin wallet is now reaching record prices. That is after a lot of speculations in the crypto-community that it might be one of the first original bitcoin wallets ever. Consequently, the value of the mysterious digital wallet increased from $8.000, up to a whopping $26m. Just for comparison, this amount of bitcoin was worth around $6.600 dollars in 2012.

Yet, this is only a small drop in the sea of lost/forgotten crypto wallets worldwide. For that matter, there are literally billions of dollars in crypto that are waiting in digital wallets around the world. And due to the anonymity that provides crypto, i.e. blockchain, it is practically impossible to find the real ownersbitcoin logo shadow


Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin are ‘waiting’

This news of a lost or re-activated bitcoin wallet is just the latest from the series that we heard in recent years. In fact, in November 2020, a mystery man/woman transferred more than $1b in bitcoin. He did that by moving the funds from the 4th biggest crypto wallet on the planet.

Moreover, even more, boggling is the report by BitInfoCharts. According to their data and research, the most valuable bitcoin wallet holds around 80.000 bitcoin. That amount equals over $3.3b at the moment of writing, and according to current rates.

And these are just several examples of a number that is surprisingly big. According to a report by Glassnode, out of the total 21 million crypto supply, approximately 1/3 are bitcoin holders. Consequently, with such an extensive number, it is no wonder that the most forgotten digital wallets are bitcoin.

Yet, that still doesn’t explain the coincidence of the 9 years dormant bitcoin wallet having the same last activity as bitcoin anonymous creator and crypto legend, Satoshi Nakamoto. Regardless of the theories and opinions, one thing is for certain. There is always a very big chance that one of these dormant wallets, is the actual wallet of the man who created the world’s most valuable digital asset.


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