Hackers Steal Around $600M In Crypto From Three Chains in Poly Network

In latest news from China, hackers reportedly steal around $600m in crypto from Poly Network, in what the Chinese cyber-security firm SlowMist is calling ‘a long planned, organized and prepared attack’. Specifically, the hackers attacked three chains from Poly Network, a cross-chain communications facilitator.
Moreover, Poly Network states via Twitter, that the hackers stole assets from Ethereum, Binance Chain and Polygon.

In particular, about $85m USD Coin from Polygon, $253 from Binance Chain and $273m From Ethereum. Poly also reports that the hackers used renBTC, Bitcoin (WBTC) and Ether (WETH) in order to take advantage on what they call ‘ a vulnerability between contract calls’.

SlowMist already came out with a statement in which they confirm that they tracked the hackers. More specifically, that they know the email address, IP address and device fingerprint. However, they refuse to disclose any further information on the subject. They did however reveal that the hacker’s first purchase was Monero (XMR), after which he changed to Binance Coin (BND), then ETHER ETH and finally (MATIC).

Combined with the flow of funds and multiple fingerprint information, it can be found that this is likely to be a long-planned, organized and prepared attack.Official Statement | SlowMist

Additionally, the hackers even left several messages via the Ethereum transaction records. In these messages it seems like the hackers are having trouble with handling all of that money. They even ask for the community to help in finding a viable solution for their issue. And according to them, everything is on the table, from giving it away, up to laundering the funds via the tumbling service Tornado. You can take a look at one of the messages from the hackers bellow:

It would have been a billion hack if I had moved remaining shitcoins! Did I just save the project? Not so interested in money, now considering returning some tokens or just leaving them there.The Hacker

We can only wait and see how the biggest crypto-heist investigation will unfold. Especially since the hackers steal of those $600m from 3 separate crypto-chains are probably the biggest crypto-crime news ever. And given how much these news shook the entire crypto-community.


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