Google Cloud and Dapper Labs Partner Up As Rumors Of Google NFTs Get Louder

2021-09-14 22:13:09

Google Cloud partners with Dapper Labs in order to mutually assist with each providing the other with its unique services. This news about Google entering the world of NFTs are nothing new. Especially since the tech giant is one of those who are yet to invest in the non-fungible tokens. As such, Google decided to turn to a household name in the world of NFTs, Dapper Labs.

Dapper Labs is the fourth biggest NFT marketplace by sales volume. With more than one million transactions weekly, it is definitely one of the leaders among all NFT markets. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Dapper Labs is definitely NBA Top Shop. A specialized NFT marketplace that is a real NFT hub for NBA enthusiasts.

The new partnership with Google Cloud is for the purpose of both brands assisting each other. More specifically, Google will assist Dapper Labs with the infrastructure, in addition to serving as a network operator. In return, Dapper Labs will assist Google Cloud with issues regarding its Flow blockchain.

The Vice President of Google Cloud North America, Janet Kennedy, recognizes the value of this cooperation.

It’s really about helping them with rapid and sustainable growth, Blockchain technology is becoming more and more mainstream. So companies like Dapper need scalable, secure infrastructure to grow their business, and even more importantly, support their networks.Janet Kennedy | Vice President of Google Cloud

This news definitely comes as somewhat of a surprise. Especially if you consider that Google was known as a company that tends to stay away from direct crypto involvement. Up to such extent, that it wasn’t until 2021 that the company started to allow for crypto ventures such as advertisements.

Regardless, it seems that Google Cloud partnering with Dapper Labs is an announcement for a new crypto era for the tech giant. One that we are impatiently looking forward to.

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