NBA Team Golden State Warriors Partners With FTX

2021-12-14 23:15:19
Golden State Jumps The Crypto Bandwagon

The U.S. subsidiary of FTX, FTXUS, partners with the NBA team Golden State Warriors. This deal will see the beginning of a lucrative global partnership and is just the latest in the see of recent partnerships between NBA teams and crypto operators.

As a result of this cooperation, the FTX logo will feature both the Golden State and the Cruz Warriors jerseys. For those not familiar, Cruz Warriors is the G League team of Golden State, which consequently is a lower-tier league of the National Basketball Association.

While the details of the cooperation are yet to be made public, according to CNBC it is worth around $10 million.

Consequently, thanks to this new cooperation, FTX will become the official crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) platform of the NBA franchise.

And starting from 2022, the Golden State Warriors intend to use FTX’s platform to release their own NFTs.

The President and Chief Operating Officer of the Golden State Warriors, Brandon Schneider, eagerly admits eying this project for a while now.

Moreover, thanks to this partnership, Golden State Warriors and FTX.US will giveaway 3 bitcoin to local educational organizations.

In our conversations with FTX, we quickly realized our joint desire to innovate around cryptocurrency integration and adoption, including the role NFTs play in global fan engagement.Brandon Schneider | President and COO - Golden State Warriors
Not The First Time

Considering that the Golden State Warriors already have experience in NFTs, this is definitely a step in the right direction. That is because back in April of 2021, the NBA team created several unique editions of their rich club history, in the form of tokens.

These collections included the six NBA championships of Golden State and additional 10 historic ticket stubs. And naturally, the sale was a big hit. Up to such extent, that 1 championship ring NFT sold for a whopping $871.591.27, or 285.111 ETH.

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