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When we talk about Binance, we can easily say that we talk about the leading crypto exchange in the world. As such, chances are you probably heard about this exchange platform even if you are not part of the crypto-craze. Whatever the case, one thing is certain…

One of the best crypto exchanges on the internet!


Bisq is one of those decentralized exchanges that will probably stick with you as soon as you find out about them. This exchange is known for implementing creative solutions, the utmost safety, and the unique management structure. Or, should we say, lack of management structure…

Secure and decentralized crypto exchange.

3.5 is often considered one of the more popular crypto exchanges on the market. And judging by the portfolio of this exchange, that is clearly the case. Originating from London, this UK exchange started out back in 2013 originally as a cloud mining provider…

One of the oldest crypto exchanges.


Coinbase is an American e-wallet whose sole purpose of creation is to provide US citizens with a convenient platform to exchange their crypto funds. Founded in 2012 as Coinbase Group Ltd…

The largest U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange.


Coinmama is one of the first crypto exchanges that emerged on the market. More specifically, this company started out back in 2013, right with the emergence of cryptocurrencies. What is especially interesting about Coinmama, is the fact that this is not your average crypto-exchange platform…

The most established cryptocurrency platform on the blockchain space.


We can easily say that Kraken is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world. Operating since 2013 and with its headquarters in San Francisco, this e-wallet is one of the ‘oldest’ in the industry. And being one of the oldest certainly has its own perks…

Largest Bitcoin exchange in terms of liquidity and volume.



KuCoin “People’s Exchange” network is preferable to most of the traders as it offers extremely suitable features for the advanced traders Featured Image is the swiss knife in exchanges when it comes down to crypto transactions. Discover all the features and benefits of