Elon Musk Jokes - Dogecoin Adds Billions In Market Cap

2021-11-01 18:41:38
Jokes Inflating The Price

Even when Elon Musk jokes about Dogecoin he makes billions of dollars in market cap for the asset. In the latest such instance, the CEO of Tesla jokingly tweeted that his Texas university will accept Dogecoin as a form of payment.doge coin

And that was pretty much all it took for the market cap of Dogecoin to add a whopping $3b in just a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the CEO wrote in the tweet that the imaginary college will accept the meme cryptocurrency as an official payment method for tuition fees. In addition to this, Elon Musk also tweeted that students that own a dog will get a special undisclosed discount.

This news come after no more than one week after Elon Musk made an announcement about opening a university called the ‘Texas Institute of Technology & Science’.

And while many took this news with a grain of salt, there are those who really believe this to be the case.

Up to such extent in fact, that many members of the Dogecoin community are already saving money for tuition. However, it seems that the acronym of this college is what makes many see this as a joke.

The interesting thing is that Elon Musk still hasn’t made anything clear regarding the validity of this news. Or whether they are true.

Shiba Still Ahead

shibaWhat many experts monitor is the price of Dogecoin in relation to Shiba Inu. Especially since the latter is known as the ‘Dogecoin killer’ in the crypto community.

Yet, despite the jokes of Elon Musk about Dogecoin and constantly tweeting about the asset, Shiba Inu is still ahead on CoinMarketCap.

In fact, even the rebuke from Edward Snowden didn’t manage to stop the 7% growth in just 24 hours. And with news such as movie giant AMC pondering whether to accept Shiba Inu officially, the popularity of the asset is only growing. 


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