Elon Musk and His Reaction To Bitcoin Setting a New Record Price

2021-10-21 16:19:03
All Eyes On Elon

After the peak of bitcoin Wednesday morning to a new record of above $67k, the entire crypto community was eagerly waiting to see the reaction of Elon Musk. Considering that the billionaire creator of Tesla, SpaceX and PayPal has a reputation of an avid crypto supporter and investor.

The CEO of Tesla posted a meme on Twitter, in order to celebrate the new record price of bitcoin. More specifically, the meme depicts a couple(man and woman) laying in bed and looking at a screen that shows bitcoin at $69k.

The only other currency that is visible on the screen is Ethereum, consequently showing the coin at $4.200. Finally, the post doesn’t have any caption nor text whatsoever.

Everyone that is part of the crypto world is familiar of the fondness Elon Musk has for cryptocurrencies. And the CEO of Tesla only confirmed the talks with purchasing 1.5 billion bitcoin back in February.

As a result, he announced that Tesla will accept bitcoin as a payment option for any customers that wish to use the digital coin.

Change of Heart

However, a couple of months later in May, he revealed that Tesla will stop accepting bitcoin for car payments. While Elon Musk sees cryptocurrencies as part of the future, he states it shouldn’t be at the cost of damaging the environment. Consequently, after tweeting this announcement, the price of bitcoin went down a staggering 11%.

Yesterday morning bitcoin recorded an all-time high price. In fact, the digital coin traded with a substantial 46.49% dominance during the entire day. However, it is safe to mention that during the day the percentage dropped for a 1.16%.

Regardless of the slight fluctuation, bitcoin continues to lead in trading dominance two days in a row.  Especially if we consider that today the digital coin is going at $67k. We can only wait and see whether a change in the price of bitcoin can provoke another reaction by Elon Musk.

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