El Salvador Bitcoin Roullout Faces First Challenge

2021-09-08 21:11:25

El Salvador reports the first major challenge in the nationwide bitcoin rollout procedure. For that matter, a vast number of Salvadorians reported problems when attempting to download and use the state-issued Chivo application. That is the official app created by the government of El Salvador particularly for this bitcoin rollout.

Moreover, Chivo is already available for download in the biggest app stores on the globe: Google Play, Apple App Store and Huawei AppGallery. However, very soon after the rollout, a number of users reported download problems and major system downtime.

Consequently, that is the main reason for President Nayib Bukele to announce immediate maintenance, in order to fix the bugs:

We will disconnect the system from 1am to 6am to make these adjustments. Our teams are ready. We hope tomorrow is much better.Nayib Bukele | President of El Salvador

And it seems that for now, the Chivo app is up and running without any issues. Regardless, the government of El Salvador urges citizens to report any new technical problems, in order to ‘improve everyone’s experience’.

Several foreign businesses in El Salvador are already offering bitcoin payments. More specifically, giants such as McDonald’s and Starbucks. With many more new companies to follow in the upcoming months. Something that seems rather inevitable. Even more so if you consider that the government of El Salvador intends to issue a mandate for businesses to start accepting bitcoin.

Consequently, the way that El Salvador managed to deal with the first challenge from the bitcoin rollout is rather impressive. Considering the magnitude of a project such as the bitcoin rollout. And the fact that it can impose a serious issue even for some of the leading countries.

Whatever the case, many of the upcoming bitcoin countries will definitely learn from the mistakes of El Salvador.

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