Deloitte Report Predicts That Sports NFTs Will Explode In 2022

2021-12-01 22:24:38
Watch Out Sports Fans

Deloitte, the U.S. giant for multinational services, predicts that in 2022 sports NFTs will explode. In particular, the company claims that there are going to be more than 2b in sports NFTs transactions.

According to the research, next year NFTs purchases will double, and consequently so will the profits.

Pete Giorgio, chief of the sports practice division at Deloitte, expects the number of NFTs owners to substantially increase by the end of 2022. More specifically, that more than 5 million sports fans will own digital assets, i.e. token collectibles.

In a lot of ways, NFTs are just the beginnings of what can be done with both crypto and blockchain technologies… As organizations start to embrace those technologies, what else they do with it will be very interesting.Pete Giorgio | Deloitte

Moreover, Pete Giorgio also believes that the sports industry is one of the fastest to adapt to this emerging technology. And that it is due to this flexibility that he expects the sports teams to make the digital switch effortlessly.

Everyone Wants A Piece 

At the moment, there is a literal craze when it comes to NFTs, regardless of the inspiration. However, it is fair to say that sports NFTs are definitely sweeping the market.

Especially this year’s collaborations between a plethora of sport legends and clubs alike, with NFT marketplaces and platforms.

Consequently, each sport is affected by the ongoing NFT demand. Football players, basketball players, soccer players, boxers… Everyone seems to want a piece of the non-fungible token technology.

But none is going wild like the fans. Up to such extent, that usually the NFT auctions are done in a matter of seconds.

And considering that NFTs are in their starting phase, the entire industry will unavoidably improve. This can potentially result in integrating non-fungible tokens as a standard payment method. Something that is going on even now.

Just like Lionel Messi, who agreed to take part of his paycheck from PSG in a form of non-fungible tokens.

Regardless, the fact that Deloitte predicts sports NFTs will explode in 2022 is something that we should take rather seriously. Especially since every little occurrence in the blockchain industry points towards that this is more than just an assumption.

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