DC Comics Will Give Away Free NFTs

2021-09-30 22:53:56
DC And The New Batch of Tokens

Following the current crypto insanity, DC Comics partners with Palm NFT Studio with the purpose of creating a new NFTs collection. This deal will yet again see the long-anticipated DC tokens available for the fans of this US comic book giant.

For the second venture, DC decided to go with Palm NFT Studio. Which we easily refer to as one of the hottest blockchain platforms at the moment. As a result, there will be a plethora of different superhero tokens. In fact, it is said that Jim Lee, the Publisher and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comis, will hand-select the entire non-fungible token collection. This exclusive new set of tokens will be available for free on October the 5th.

Consequently, it will include characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Harley Quinn and the Green Lantern. In addition, DC will enable fans to gather three distinctive character covers. With each cover varying in rarity.

Just take a look at the example that is featured on the official DC Comics website.

Wonder Woman can collect a Common NFT (1987’s Wonder Woman #1 by George Pérez), Rare NFT (2021’s Nubia and the Amazons #1 by Alitha Martinez), and Legendary NFT (Yara Flor on 2021’s Future State: Wonder Woman #1 by Jenny Frison.)

Marvel And Their Success With NFTs

Unsurprisingly, Marvel also released its own set of nun-fungible tokens. Being the nemesis of DC Comics, it partnered with VeVe to produce a collection of NFTs ranging between 40 and 400. And unsurprisingly again, it was a massive hit, completely selling the entire 65.000 tokens. With the entire collection gone in no more than 24 hours after the initial launch.

Following this success, Marvel Entertainment announced a more aggressive approach towards NFTs. This resulted in the comic book giant releasing a whole set of new characters such as The Red Skull, Captain America and Bucky Barnes.

Consequently, DC fans are eager to see what the opponent of Marvel is planing in the future. Especially since everyone can benefit from the competition between these leading superhero factories. As a result, the upcoming free set of NFTs by DC Comics and Palm NFT is probably one of the more exciting events in the world of NFTs. At least for the superhero enthusiasts.

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