The Unique Set Of DC Comics NFT Hybrid Trading Cards

2022-03-11 00:12:31
Warner Bros. and Cartamundi’s One Of A Kind Idea

Warner Bros. partnered up with board games and card manufacturer Cartamundi Group, in a cooperation that will produce a unique set of hybrid DC Comics NFT trading cards, available in both digital and physical form.

According to the entertainment conglomerate, fans can obtain these unique hybrid trading cards on the platform Hro app, with the price of the collectable packs ranging from $5 to $120.

Moreover, as part of the deal, Cartamundi Group is responsible for the design of the physical DC Comics trading cards. Only in this instance, the physical cards are tied with redeemable NFTs, which makes for a rather unique hybrid collection.

Furthermore, the non-fungible tokens will be released via the (L2) protocol immutable X that operates based on Ethereum. Warner Bros. also reveals that fans should expect this collection to drop during the month of March, meaning very soon.

DC Hybrid Trading Cards by Hro will hit shelves and digital wallets in March 2022, with additional and limited-edition content coming throughout the year. Warner Bros. - Official Statement

DC fans will be delighted to hear that the company announced the new Batman movie will be featured in this NFT hybrid trading cards collection.

Vintage Trading Cards And Latest Tech

According to Pam Lifford, the president of the Experiences Department and Warnermedia’s Global Brands, it is a challenge to combine the ever-popular trading cards with the latest digital asset craze, NFTs.

Trading cards have been a favorite of fans for decades. Combining that enthusiasm for collecting with a custom NFT is just brilliant, and this program brings the DC brand to fans in a way that’s never been done before. Pam Lifford | President - Warnersmedia's Global Brands

In addition, Lifford adds that the new Hro app. platform will have rather unique attributes, and as a result, users should prepare for one of a kind experience.

This platform will provide fans with a whole new way to engage with their favourite characters from across the DC multiverse and even expand their ability to interact with other collectors. Pam Lifford | President - Warnersmedia's Global Brands

This is not the first time for DC Comics to ‘meddle’ with non-fungible token technology. In fact, in October of 2021 during Fandom, the U.S. comic book giant also released non-fungible collectables that were advertised as ‘the largest NFT drop ever’.

Another NFT venture of DC Comics is the collaboration with Veve Collectibles. This cooperation saw the release of another non-fungible token collection, based on some of DC Comics’ most popular heroes and villains.

And if we take into account that Marvel, the biggest rival of DC Comics, is equally dedicated and involved in NFT projects, the fans from both sides can expect quite an exciting 2022.

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