CryptoPunks NFTs Pass $1b Sales Threshold

2021-08-30 21:20:52

The NFT project CryptoPunks is passing the $1b sales mark for the first time ever. As a result, CryptoPunks can now say that it is part of a small and elite club of NFT giants with more than $1b in sales. According to the latest report by, CryptoPunks is coming in third after Opensea and Axie Infinity, the other two billionaire NFT companies.

  • Opensea$3.54b
  • Axie Infinity$1.68b
  • CryptoPunks – $1.095b
  • NBA Top Shot – $671m
  • Rarible – $197m
  • Superrare – $103m

CrtptoPunks reaching this historic $1b landmark is definitely due to the recent high demand for these tokens. Specifically, it comes from several hefty NFT sales in the past couple of weeks. Which results in CryptoPunks sales spiking up to 750% in just one week. In particular, the NFT project cashed in $144.605m in sales thanks to the 343 crypto traders. In just seven days! Take a look at what prices the most valuable Punks were selling:

#8888 – 888.8 ETH – $2.87m
#9373 – 499.99 ETH – $1.63m
#2310 – 389 ETH – $1.23m
#7674 – 342.68 ETH – $1.11m

Out of the original 10.000 CryptoPunks, 2.888 can be found in unique wallets. The demand for these NFTs is so big, that one anonymous trader holds a whopping 254 CryptoPunks at the moment. In addition to the 75% of CryptoPunk owners having two ‘Punks in their possession. Consequently, this only proves that CryptoPunks is one of the hottest NFT projects at this time. Making probably the biggest reason for CryptoPunks passing $1b in sales.

While it may not net as much as sales as Arblocks(24.454), CryptoPunks(686) still manages to impress with the profit. In fact, Arblocks had to make nearly 25 thousand sales in order to make $228m. CyberPunks managed to net a whopping $173m by making not more than 700 sales. Which just speaks volumes about what type of investment the CryptoPunks NFTs really are.

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