CRYPTOGOLDIE Giveaway – Be Awarded Dogecoins by promoting Cryptogoldie for Halloween

Published: 2021-10-27 23:52:42

Enter for a chance to win DOGECOINS. Cryptogoldie is organizing a promo Halloween Cryptogoldie Giveaway. What do you need to do?doge coin

To qualify for this Halloween Cryptogoldie Giveaway you need to:

Send a message with your Twitter, Telegram, Facebook username, and your email to us and

meet the following conditions:


  • Share and like our Halloween post


Follow our Twitter page,

Like our Halloween post,


Tag three friends in a comment


Join our Telegram group


  • Subscribe to our newsletter

Cryptogoldie is entering a stage of promotion and Marketing, and instead of paying established brands to lead our marketing campaigns, we have decided to include all of you guys – our loyal visitors, readers followers, and subscribers, and award you with a certain amount of Dogecoins. You all know how this goes, just follow the rules and qualify in the top 6 by interactively promoting our brand.

*** Please note: Newly created profiles or spamming and duplicate profiles will be immediately disqualified without taking into account the amount of their promotional interaction.

Everyone that has met the conditions mentioned above will have the chance to be awarded DOGECOINS. The more interactive you are (likes, comments, shares, subscription) – the higher the possibility to be selected. Through the usage of an algorithmic random selection of the most interactive promoters of Criptogoldie 50 DOGECOINS will be rewarded to 6 winners selected through the use of an algorithm that measures interactivity. All the winners will be contacted personally and published on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Prize Pool = 300 DOGECOINS

1. 50 D

2. 50 D

3. 50 D

4. 50 D

5. 50 D

6. 50 D

So, DO NOT hesitate anymore. Cryptogoldie Giveaway wants to reach to all of you and give you the award not only in Dogecoins, as well as in news, analysis, wikis, and hows that you can find on our webpage, and have the necessary knowledge, skills, and information when swimming bear hands in the world of the crypto ocean, where Cryptogoldie appears as a submarine – lifeboat that will submerge you under the surface, show you the whole picture and lead you to extremely precise cognition of the topic.

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